What are the Advantages of Using an Air Fryer?

What are the Advantages of Using an Air Fryer?

There are a lot of advantages of using an air fryer, making it a perfect cooking machine for your home. Not only an air fryer helps you to stay healthy by cooking your food with the use of a minimum amount of oil, but it also makes the task of preparing great tasting meals extremely simple.

Every one of us knows very well that we should be careful of what we eat, and for most of us it is a continuous struggle to eat in a healthily manner, so that we either lose a bit of weight or keep ourselves trim and in shape always. Eating a fat free diet, as much as we possibly can, is one of the easiest ways to do this, but this has in the past meant eating tasteless foods and forgoing our favorite treats.

There’s an old saying that whatever tastes great may not be good for you, and with fried foods, it is certainly true. Eating excess amounts of fatty foods not only causes you to put on weight, but it can also have a detrimental effect in the long term on your health because this can lead to many health problems like heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Eating a low fat diet will not only have you looking and feeling healthier, it could also help to prolong your life.

What does makes air fryer healthier?

The way an air fryer works, it is able to produce crispy fried tasting foods using a tiny amount of oil. Take chips, for example, an old fashioned deep fat fryer literally soaks your food in oil throughout the cooking process, and the oil and fat can be squeezed out of the chips once they are cooked. With an air fryer, hot air is circulated around the chips in the basket, which have been coated in a tiny amount of oil. The end result is the same, great tasting chips, but the ones that have been air fried will contain up to eighty percent less fat.

What else is great about an air fryer?

Honestly speaking, everything is good about air fryer. Starting with the design, it looks like it has just come out of a spacecraft and will bring a touch of style to your kitchen. It looks great and super simple to use. In fact, there are just two controls on the machine, making it incredibly straightforward to use. All you need to do is to set temperature, adjust timer and you are ready to cook. Once your food is ready, the machine will shut itself off and begin to cool down.

Compared to the older deep fat fryers that used to be so common, the air fryer is incredibly safe. Chip fat fires are amongst the most dangerous incidents that can occur in a kitchen, as they can soon get out of control and put lives at risk. With this machine, it simply can’t happen. There’s no boiling oil to ignite, or spill and burn yourself on. The fryer stays cool to the touch whilst in use and has built-in handles for easy carrying and retractable cord storage mechanism for keeping your worktop clutter-free.

Odor Free and Easy to Clean

While everyone loves the taste of fried foods, the smell can be quite off-putting and be hard to shift. Another benefit is that it incorporates an integrated air filter to help stop unwanted smells and keeps your kitchen smelling clean and fresh at all times. Any oily vapors will be trapped by the filter, which can be removed and washed to clean.

All the internal parts are easy to clean too i.e. cooking tray is completely removable, and the basket is easily separated. Both are coated in a non-stick coating, making easy to clean, and are both completely dishwasher safe.

An air fryer is one of the best pieces of kitchen equipment available to buy today. Not only can you cook healthy fried foods with bare minimum of oil, but you can also use it to roast vegetables, chicken, fish and red meat and bake cakes and bread. You will also find cookbooks for air fryer free recipes with most of the brands. Such a healthy, stylish and elegant machine deserves a place in your kitchen.


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