What are the Best Brands of Drill Bits?

What are the Best Brands of Drill Bits?

You need just little efforts in finding best product if you know your needs properly. Here are some brands which are offering drilling bits set which works effectively and satisfy your needs.

Dewalt DW1269 29-Piece Cobalt Pilot-Point Metal Drill Bit Index

This set is available in 29 pieces of drill bit set which is present in different sizes ranging from 1/16 inch to ½ an inch. This product is made up of cobalt material which is more durable than the standard titanium coatings and it has pilot-point metal tips which give you neat, clean and accurate holes.

Wilmar Performance Tool Master Drill Bit set-204 piece

W1368 drill bit is available in 204 different sized drill bits. Besides it, the Performance Tool Company is offering other set of drill bits which are highly functional.  It can be used with power drill, drill press or bit drivers. It has different size of drill bits which vary in shapes and they work effectively in different forms.

Titanium Drill Bit set for metal

It is available in markets in 230 pieces which are different in size which come in different inch ranges. It works great on fiber glass, metal, wood and plastics. These bits are titanium coated HSS for maximum life duration. For your ease the sizes of bits are printed on the case.

Bosch HCBG500 Blue Granite Hammer Drill Bit

This set includes 5 pieces of hammer drill bit with different ranges. It has diamond shaped tip which is best for functioning on stone, concrete and masonry.

Drill Hog 29PC Drill Bit Set index

It is available in 29 fractional bits with life time warranty.  Hi-Molybdenum M7-HSS Steel is used in it which has high melting point. While drilling chances of bits damage arise because of heat generated so this material prevents it from damages. This set has ability of drilling any tough structures and it comes with tri-flat shank which prevents it from spinning in Chucks.

Bosch TI18- 18-Piece Titanium Twist Drill Bit

It has higher penetration power then standard bit and available with 18-pieces of drilling bits. This product is made up of titanium material which is effective then high-speed steel.  It has high durability and high performance speed. It works on multiple objects. This set has high penetration power and titanium nitride coating which protects it from damages.


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