What are the Best Paying Jobs in Dubai?

What are the Best Paying Jobs in Dubai?

Dubai is one of the most prosperous cities and this fact ensures that a lot of money can be made while doing a business and even doing a regular job in Dubai; to make money at a job, you must know the right path i.e. the relevant degree or certificate and the industry. To find a job in this region, it is advisable to go through a human resource agency that has knowledge of local situation has good connections locally. Here I have compiled a list of the best jobs in Dubai while will let you earn a handsome amount. If you are considering to do a job in Dubai, follow any of the following as per your education.

HR Director

1140000 AED is expected yearly income for this job. It usually involves supervising the process of hiring and paying of staff members. Now it also involves the employee retention and imputation of strategies which make them happy while the expenses do not go over the limit.

Construction Director

1200000 AED is the expected annual income. This job is a vital part in construction sector. Fundamentally, this person supervises specific jobs in a construction firm i.e. time allocation, supervision of sub-contractors, fulfillment of health and safety policies, etc.

Chief Operating Officer

The annual income is more or less 1,440,00 AED. COO is in control of ensuring to achieve the continuing objectives and executing everyday processes of the firm in a smooth manner. It includes many responsibilities i.e. HR, finance and quality control. An MBA degree is good enough to be an eligible candidate for this position.

Chief Legal Officer

Approx. annual income is 1,440,000 AED. Like the actuary at insurance firms, Chief Legal Officer is in charge of judging and dealing with the legal hazards of monetary operations. You must have a relevant degree in law.

Managing Director

The yearly income is around 1800000 AED. It is obvious that anyone can apply so as to commence a new firm and become himself the director. In case of getting a high salary, you need the directorship of a grand firm. The degree and experience of business and management is necessary to apply for this job. Along with English, good command over Arabic language will help you get it quickly.

Consultant Doctor

The approx. annual income is 2160000 AED. To have a well-paid job as a consultant doctor, it is significant to make sure that Dubai Health Authority recognizes your credentials. You will require specialty in cardiology or rheumatology.


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