What are the Best Restaurants Offering Different Cuisines?

What are the Best Restaurants Offering Different Cuisines?


Opened 20 years ago, this restaurant is super known in Miami for its quality. Here you can eat from pizza to a steak of Argentine-style meat. The kitchen is exposed to the public which makes it cozy. It is open till 11:30 at night.

El Pacífico in Lambayeque

It is recognized by the diversity of lambayecanos dishes that it offers in place. You will also find a variety of dishes based on fish and seafood. Most ordered dishes include omelette and rice with duck, which are a delight to the palate.

Cafe Pastis

It is a small and cozy French bistro. From the moment you walk in, the bustle of the restaurant, the tables close together and the smell of food take you to the south of France. Chef Philippe Jacquet is from Marseille and it shows u in the foods. The menu of the day is reflected in a blackboard next to the open kitchen in the view of the customers. You can order what you want because everything is good. You will finish with bread in hand cleaning the sauce of the dishes. If you still have space, order homemade desserts. You will be delighting the memory of the food hours later.

Rincón Gaucho

It is an Argentine restaurant with years of experience in preparing grills, since 1963 it was called ‘the cathedral of the meats’. It has a great tradition and very good menu with excellent classic cuts.

Many families and groups of friends come to taste the rich dishes and enjoy the preparation of the meats on the grill. They feel the typical flavors of Argentina. Among the most outstanding dishes are tenderloin, strip roast and skewers of loin.

Matsuei Sushi Bar

It is a sushi bar that is part of the history of Peruvian Japanese cuisine, for many people it is one of the most outstanding restaurants, especially for the presentation of their dishes. The founding chef is Nobu Matsuhisa. Among its specialties is its grilled clams, tataki, yasaimaki, maki rock and roll, mango tempura and other dishes. It has private lounges and sushi bars.

Benihana – Amwaj

Being one of the best restaurants in Dubai, it offers its customers a personalized experience of juicy seafood, chicken, steaks and grilled vegetables. Its ambiance is amazing and make the stay and dining more exciting. Their cooks use freshest ingredients. You can choose to sit indoors and outdoors.


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