What Are The Best Vacuum Carpet Cleaners?

What Are The Best Vacuum Carpet Cleaners?

You often do not have the option of what type of carpet you own. With many home developers utilizing discounted carpet in large volumes, even new homes are not always equipped with carpet that is of high quality. The best carpet cleaners know what products to use and how to clean your carpet or rugs properly without damage. Many sites on the internet give you tips and tricks on how to properly clean your floors and carpets on your own. Although it takes time and energy, you can end up saving hundreds of dollars. Here we will let you know two of the best vacuum carpet cleaners.

1 – Hoover F7411-900 SteamVac Carpet Cleaner

It is wider than its counterparts, which gives users 20% bigger cleaning area of the carpet. It uses the heat from the motor to increase cleaning efficiency. It also has a powered handheld cleaning attachment, so that you can clean upholstery, stairs, hard to reach areas and more.

Overall this steam carpet cleaner is a great choice in case you have a larger area to clean. Its long cord and good suction power are the plus points, but the handheld Plum cleaning tool is less impressive. It is about $30 more in price than its sister Hoover F5914-900 SteamVac, but it is worth it if you have a large area. It has a12 amp motor which helps n cleaning the carpets with ease. The other features include the following;

  • Dual V Nozzle Technology
  • Patented SpinScrub
  • Widepath nozzle
  • Powered hand tool
  • Automatic system for mixing the detergent
  • Removable rotating brushes and hose rack
  • 30-icnh power cord

2 – Hoover F7412-900 Carpet Cleaner

Like its sister Hoover F7411-900 Carpet Cleaner, the consensus reveals that this carpet cleaner has performance issues only when it is used for cleaning the stairs. Also like Bissell’s sister, the F7411, it leaves carpets very dry after the cleaning. Most user and experts are very positive about its overall performance. Its 14-inch cleaning path makes the carpet cleaning 20% faster than its counterparts. This easy-to-use model makes the process of carpet cleaning easy for the beginners as well as commercial users.

Among the pro points, we can say that it is very easy to use and install, it has a great suction power and it leaves the carpet very dry. Among the cons, we can say that it is quite bulky and its water tank too small.


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