What are the Causes of Bad Breath and Its Solutions?

What are the Causes of Bad Breath and Its Solutions?

Bad breath, medically termed as halitosis, is described as bad or unpleasant smell during exhalation of breathing. A large number of people suffer from this problem without age restriction. One can suffer with short periods while others can have constant bad breath.

There can be multiple reasons of halitosis but generally the bacteria present in the mouth, produced due to residue of breaking foods or gum disease, can cause continuous bad odor. Eating rich flavored meals like onions, fish, garlic, smoking, alcohol and poor digestion can also cause unpleasant breath. The intensity can be different in daytime due to having certain strong foods. Since mouth is supposed to expose less amount of oxygen as compared to night time, it can be awfully worse in mornings. Odor can be temporary and sometimes go away by brushing teeth or rinsing with good a mouthwash.

Bad Breath Causes

It is important to know what actually causing bad breath. It is difficult sometimes to know if you have bad breath just because it is easy for others to notice and they can hesitate to tell you about it. Chronic bad breath may result some terrible issues to you such as one cannot taste food and this prolonged condition can be warning towards gum disease.

Gum diseases can be caused due to plaque formation in teeth, irritating the gums. If one does not treat gum disease for a long time, it can break the wall of gums and harm jawbone. Poorly fitted dental care instruments and infections are other major causes.

Another term xerostomia also known as dry mouth condition can cause transient bad breath. As saliva is present in mouth to moisten and keep it clean naturally by modifying acid made by plaques and washing up dead cells away that gather on tongue, cheeks and gums. If these cells are not removed, they start decomposing which results in bad odor.

Preventive Measures

Effect of bad breath can be decreased or prevented if one has good practice of oral hygiene, brush up teeth properly twice with a good fluoride paste to remove food residue and stopping plaque formation and also keep tongue clean.

Bad breath might be a result of bad dental care or other health related issues. If you really want to get rid of bad breath, you have to make some certain changes in lifestyle such as quit smoking, eat light foods and brush teeth twice a day and visit the best dental clinic in Dubai for regular checkup.


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