What are the Common Drainage Problems?

What are the Common Drainage Problems?

Possible Problems

When your toilets are not working properly, the problems that occur could be as follows;

  • There is slow drain.
  • There are stains of water in the shower or bath tub.
  • There are moisture zones on walls or floors in the adjoining rooms.
  • There are wet areas near the drain pipe.
  • There is unusual gurgling when water is draining.

Try to Determine the Severity

In case the problem is isolated only in one of the toilets, it is most likely located in a single pipe that connects to the entire general installation of the plumbing system. If the kitchen sink does not drain in an the right way, it is normal for the problem to be found in the pipes that connect to it and that carry the water from other sinks, the toilet and the bath.

Find Out the Path of the Wastewater

Often, the individual drainage pipes circulate inside the walls and connect with other pipes, which in turn circulate below the floor or through the septic or sewer system, so check them out closely to confirm if there is some issue with them.

Letting hot water flow through the pipes is not enough!

Fill the sink or bathtub with hot water while the stopper is attached. Then remove the plug and let the water drain. The hot water helps in the removal of grease that clogs the pipes. If you find it necessary, you can use a specific cleaning product which contains the chemicals to make it more effective and remove the hairs, soap residue and other materials that may be clogging the pipe. You are supposed to be careful with using a doormat, because if you do not do it in the correct manner, you could end up compacting the material that is clogging the pipe.

Once you figure out where the problem is, you will know if you can fix it yourself or if you need to call a local plumber in Glenelg. When you require the services of a professional plumber, the internet makes it very easy for you. You only have to visit the official website of the 24 hour plumbers and order your plumbing job asking the professional for the final quote. Having compared few estimations, you can decide which one will suit you best for the plumbing job at your home. On the day and time that you indicate, the plumber visit you to solve your plumbing problems.


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