What are the Common Issues with a Log House?

What are the Common Issues with a Log House?

In every house, there’s always much to do, but when it’s more than a few years old and it is a log house, there’s a caring routine which must be taken into account so as to keep it in the optimum state. Here I have prepared this brief but useful guide, so that you can easily recognize some of the most common problems that often appear in a log house. Whether you have dampness, paint problems, cold or hot rooms, mold, you will get a greater understanding about the problems in your wooden house to solve here. So let’s identify problems in the log houses.


In case youaren’t very friendly to the chemicals, it may not seem like the top solution, but I have to tell you that it’s very helpful. In the treatments for log houses, you can resort to different products, however, and as we always say that the finest thing to give a good maintenance from time to time. Take a clean cloth and soak it in water with bleach, drain well and rub the entire area affected by the mold until it is perfectly clean.

This procedureairs the room well to dry totally. In case you have a preference, you can also accelerate the process by using a hair dryer. And then you will have to look for the reasons why mold has formed. It is usually due to the indoor humidity, condensation, water leaks or some other reasons.


The diverse environments of the house are hot or too cold and/or also the floors may be due to the lack of an effective insulation system. It’s something that needs instant solution in order to obtain the greater comfort within your home and also to achieve the considerable savings on energy costs.


To have a log house involves suitable maintenance, so here I leave you some tips to keep in mind pertaining to maintenance;

  • Before you paintthe wood, always apply a primer coat.
  • You are supposed to do periodic reviews of the structure.
  • Clean the façade at least once a year.
  • Repair the leaks and seal them with silicone on immediate basis.
  • Use the paints which guarantee the wood’s breathability.

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