What Are The Different Types Of Kitchen Counter Covers?

What Are The Different Types Of Kitchen Counter Covers?

Formica Covers

A good option to dress the kitchen furniture is the laminates. They are covered with multiple sheets of different materials to obtain a smooth compact and can be imitated from the best woods to the brightest aluminum, passing through marbles, stones or slates.

It is the most economical material, easy to maintain, and it resists bumps, heat and scratches. But it deteriorates more easily, so the duration is less and you have to be very careful with the use of water with Formica covers. It is the solution for tight budgets or for more temporary situations.

Corian Covers

It is a solid and homogeneous material, warm to the touch and it appears to be similar to the stone surfaces. It consists of two thirds of natural minerals and a high-strength acrylic, resulting in a flat, pore-free and hard as stone but can be cut like wood. It prevents absorption of liquids.

This material is available in more than a hundred colors that remain unchanged in the light, even in the intense expositions. They allow molding of worktop and sink in one piece. It is molded very easily, but it is hard and does not scratch. It totally resists water which makes it a god option for kitchen and bathroom.

Wooden Covers

It is the ideal option for lovers of the nature. The wooden decks form kitchens of great beauty, visual strength and decorative versatility, and fit in a rustic kitchen or an ultramodern one.

Another advantage is the great versatility when choosing the tone, depending on the environment you want to give to your kitchen. There are cherry, walnut, oak, maple, etcetera. In spite of all the advantages, it is necessary to name some inconveniences like its porosity, its danger of scratches and little resistance to corrosive products.

They are of great beauty and decorative versatility, with great variety of colors and environments, from rustic to modern. But they are very porous, so that the stains penetrate easily, and they scratch right away and the maintenance in general is delicate.

Granite Stone

If you want to have the beauty with durability, you need not to look further and simply choose granite stone. One thing you have to do after the installation of granite stone is to deal the granite. There are special granite sealers which you can find at TheReviewGurus. The granite stone is a classic choice that allows a long lasting results.


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