What are the Expensive Watches by Patek Philippe?

What are the Expensive Watches by Patek Philippe?

In this post, we will talk about a few models of Patek Philippe watches which are included in highly expensive watches. The qualities they have jack their prices. Let’s see what makes them the most expensive in the world.

Patek Philippe’s 1939 Platinum World-Time Special Watch

This one was manufactured during the year 1939 and is a world watch that shows you time of 42 different cities around the world. This world time mechanism was invented by the independent watchmaker named Louis Cottier. This has self-winding mechanism that lets the wearer to know the time of 42 zones. Its rotating ring inscribes 24 city names whereas its 2nd rotating ring holds 24-hours markers on it. It is priced at 4.1 million dollars.

Patek Philippe’s 1928 Single-Button Chronograph Watch

The cost of this one is $3.7 million, another most expensive watch in the world from Patek. This is made with 18-carat genuine white gold. It has 13 internal circular level movements that are nickel-finished with 28 pure jewels. Moreover, the dial is silver matte and has Breguet numerals made of white gold.

Piaget Emperador Temple Diamonds

Piaget’s cost $3.3 million. This exclusive classy watch is made from 18-carat yellow gold. It has gems and diamonds encrusted all around. It has over 1200 diamonds studded. This design resembles a pyramid and opens twice. The first opening is the diamond and mother-pearl face whereas the second opening is the bigger face of tour-billion and power indicator.

Patek Philippe’s 1953 Heures Universelles

Its cost is $2.9 million. It looks like Patek is trying to make a record of making expensive watches. Now this model shows 24-hours world time. Its rear and complex design is made of 18-carat gold. Moreover, it has a map of North America designed at the dial’s middle. This is something that makes an outstanding sight.

Frederique Constant Watches

Everybody can’t afford to spend millions of dollars on Patek Philippe watches, so a good option is Frederique Constant watches. Frederique Constant runs on some good technologies like sleep tracking system and Motion X. Features like skeleton dial, GMT, etc. are present in this Frederique Constant watches. The strap can be availed in leather, stainless steel and gold plated. The movement of the watches is quartz and automatic and one of the highly recommended models is Frederique Constant automatic.

Are you looking for designer a watch for your men? Are you completely mystified by what your man would like in a stylish watch for sure? Whoever you are, you can learn to discover the best watch that your man will love after reading this post.

The designer watches can be bright and showy. A few watches are action oriented like golfers’ Callaway watches, divers’ watches, and trip watches for pilots with the advanced feature of navigation. There are also boardroom style watches for the style conscious executives. There is one for every man.

One of the primary things to consider is the character of the man who will be wearing the watch you intend to buy. Consider the following points to get the right answer;

  • Is he plain and frank?
  • Is he ostentatious and is really in need of the color in his attire?
  • Is he daring and energetic?

The honest reply to these queries will guide you to some brand names and styles of the watches to consider with ease.

One more thought is obviously the price tag. The men generally purchase their clothes and accessories devoid of much thought about the fashion quality of the piece. The original watch they observe in the shop will generally be the watch they will buy.

If you are paying money for your man, you are supposed to be familiar with which watch suits his individuality and the purpose for which he will be utilizing it. After determining these points, you have to look at your budget and purchase the watch that best fits your man and your wallet.

You are not supposed to purchase a luxurious watch if you know that your man will not be appreciative of the brand and style, otherwise you will be wasting your money. Also, you do not pay money for the reproductions that are not authorized by the original designer. You want the original quality designer watches, not a cheap copy. You should do not be misled into purchasing the false items from con performers. Therefore, only buy from the reputable dealers who you know will offer you the quality and authenticity you are looking for in your watch. A good choice we recommend here to you is Frederique Constant. It is one of the most stable brands in the industry and it is not much expensive either.


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