What are the Latest Fitness Trends in the Gym?

What are the Latest Fitness Trends in the Gym?

The incorporation of technology and wearables in the fitness sector, the hiring of a personal trainer to have an expert advice that helps to fulfill the objectives, the continuous training and professionalization of trainers and the transmission of the idea that relates the exercise and the health will continue to be the valuable factors in the current and coming years. In this post, we will tell you what the trends are in fitness of 2017 that a successful gym should count on. Let’s see what the latest practices are in the fitness industry.

Workouts with Body Weight

The workouts with your own body weight have been a rising fitness trend for several years now. Working using gravity as a tool helps the user reinforce back and correct the posture. Other skills that are improved by performing this kind of exercises include balance, speed and coordination. The Total Gym System is undoubtedly the best station that can cover this function in your gym.

Strength Training

Strength training with bodybuilding machines is a classic of any gym and sports center. Exercising your muscles with these equipment will help your clients improve their stamina and tone their body.

Mi5 for Strength Training

For several years, the design of this class of stations has been improving little by little. Different bodybuilding devices with which the user becomes part of the workout and even bodybuilding stations for functional training with pulleys could be included here.

Group Workouts

Leaving aside the guided activities or collective classes of the gyms, in group training with fitness machines and a personal trainer to guide the session has been gaining fans lately. It seems that exercising together with others encourages the factor of motivation and healthy competition.

High Intensity Interval Training

Practicing intervals of the exercises very intensely in a short time is gaining popularity with every passing year and more and more members of gyms are attracted to it. In HIIT, you have a directed activity in your center dedicated to this discipline, with sessions of 30 minutes but intense, sure to help you improve your results.

If you know any other trend in fitness in workouts or gym machines that deserve to be part of the list, please share them with us here.


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