What Are The Main Parts Of A Drill Bit?

What Are The Main Parts Of A Drill Bit?

A drill bit is a metal piece which is attached to the end of the drill. It is used to make holes in various types of things like metal, wood, etc. The drilling bits is also obtainable in different sizes and shapes as well. You can choose them according to the type of the material in which you want to make a hole. It is composed of four main parts which are as follows;


It is the cutting edge.


It is a non-working end of the drill bit which fits into the chuck.


It is basically self-explanatory as it cuts into the material.


It grooves with the drill bit that helps to eject the material.

Let’s check out what the best drill bits are available on the market.

Wilmar Performance Tool Master Drill Bit Set- 204 Piece

This drill bit set is offered with surety of quality and it is offered with two hundred and four pieces. This is offered with almost two hundred plus features as customers can use it according to specific material. So, people can use this set and they can make their commercial projects winning and trouble free without any doubt. This scenario is linked with all drills and consumers can use them for best appropriation of consequences in the communal standards. 

Dremel 628-01 7 piece drill bit

This seven different sized drill bit set is workable on soft bodies. It is made up of high speed steel and it is highly functional with low price.

Drillpro 8pc HSS Twist Shank Drill Bit set

This set is for drilling holes on metals and other objects. It has twist flute which is sharp enough to give a perfect holes. It is made up of high speed steel which gives strength and long life to this product.

Workpro 92 pieces combination drill and drive set

This set works on almost all materials from wood to metals, plastic and masonry. It is available in 92 bit pieces with different features.  It is black in color.

World pride 5pcs HSS Cobalt multiple Hole drill bit set

This set is available in five pieces with titanium coated which protect is from damaging. It has two flutes which help in cutting or drilling. In market it is available in brass color.

PANOVO 8PCS powerful PE-14000 Drill Bit set

This is a tool socket adapter with impact hex Shank drill bits. These are available in market in eight pieces. This is cheap in price but good in work.


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