What are the Most Durable Types of Hair Weave?

What are the Most Durable Types of Hair Weave?

Hair weaves have become more and more common. For some years, they are not something exclusive to the stars and celebrities, but they are within reach of all the people, men and women, where women are the major consumers of hair weaves. These hair weave extensions give the opportunity to have a much longer hair in an instant, in addition to adding volume to those who do not have it and even allowing different shades to be combined. In short, they are a simple method with which you can change your style and make your hair looks much better.

Most important of all, if you want to have a nice hair, you have to choose a quality hair weave extension and have a long lasting time with it. For this you must know that there is a great variety of hair weave extensions, depending on the type of hair with which they are made, and that each one has a certain duration.

Types and Duration

The type of hair and the treatment to which it has been subjected is the main factor by which the hair weave extensions are differentiated. Thus, we have virgin hair extensions first in this list

Virgin Hair Weave

This is natural hair that has not been subjected to any kind of chemical process, that is, it is not tinged or treated and its cuticles are intact. Usually, they are brown, and the hair can be smooth, wavy or curly. In addition, they can be dyed or shaped to taste.

The main advantage of the virgin hair is its duration because, although there are many types of extensions lasting for quite long, these are the ones that surely have a longer life. You can use them in the perfect condition for up to two years if cared properly. However, you must keep in mind that being a lifeless hair will need certain care such as avoiding the corrosive products and moisturize on a regular basis.

Another type of natural extensions are those of Remy hair. They are characterized by maintaining the direction of the cuticle, which means that the hair is oriented in its natural direction, because the roots have always been and will be roots, as well as the tips. As a general rule, they come from a single person and are cut by making a queue.

Its main benefit is that it avoids frizz and entanglement, which in the long run ensure the longer life. They can be used for about nine months, presenting a flawless appearance.

Non-Remy Hair Weaves

They usually come from recycled hair. Usually, they are made from natural hair that comes not from a single person, but from hair that is collected in hairdressers and other places. In these, the hair does not go in the same direction, so you have to count that the entanglements are very habitual which causes its deterioration faster, lasting only about three months, which is a very short life, but that is compensated with the fact that you can buy it at a very low price.

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