What are the Most Used Ingredients in a Pizza?

What are the Most Used Ingredients in a Pizza?

The pizza, originally from Italy, came to be a food that consisted of scrambled leftovers of the different foods. These were placed on top of the bread and supplemented with oil, herbs and tomatoes. It was a very common way to take advantage of all the leftovers of food with which you did not know what to do.

Nowadays, the list of ingredients that are used to make pizza is very extensive. In fact, you probably do not have a single favorite pizza and many times you doubt what variety to order as a large number of possible combinations is possible. Have you ever wondered what the most used ingredients are in a pizza! Here we reveal them to you, so that you can make a better choice next time you order you pizza. 

As the good pizza lovers, we have decided to make a list of the 10 most used and demanded ingredients in the pizzas, with which you surely feel identified.


It is necessary as the most important part of pizza. A pizza is not pizza without cheese. And for fans of extra cheese, it is a delicacy that you cannot resist. Mozzarella, gouda, cheddar, emmental, semicured, provolone and blue cheese are the common choices in this regard, a feast of melted flavor with a lot of tenderness.


It is a perfect choice to give a special taste to pizza.


It is the star ingredient for many. If alone and like, putting it on a pizza makes it completely exquisite.


For the fans of ‘green’, it is one of the essential ingredients that cannot be missed at all.


For fish lovers, it is unavoidable. It is a protein rich ingredient that together with onions and capers forms a perfect tandem.


It is the perfect ingredient that puts the final icing on any pizza. In all varieties, it is welcome.


The essential for all those who like strong flavors and who dare with everything.


It is a basic if you want to savor a pizza in the purest country style. The result is delicious.


It is a classic among classics. We could say that it is one of the most admired ingredients for all those who declare themselves unconditional lovers of pizza.

We could expand this list to infinity and add ingredients such as pineapple, meat, chorizo, anchovies…. And the truth is that all the ingredients we think of fit perfectly in a pizza. And for you, what is the ingredient that can never be missing in your pizzas?


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