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What Are The Prevalent Colors In The Best Automotive Paints?

What Are The Prevalent Colors In The Best Automotive Paints?

The Automotive Paint Colors That Majority Wants

From its beginnings, the black color was the favorite one and the white always has been associated to the cleaning, and in older times it resembled a bar of soap. The image of white color has always been this, cleaning, but white recently became a trend and began to become a more commercial color for vehicles.

New techniques and automotive paint materials have also expanded the register of white with pearly colors that are more striking and impressive to view. The automotive paint materials have evolved and now there is no doubt as to the care and durability of this color.

According to PPG in North America, white is the most popular color with 23% popularity. Black is followed by 19%, followed by gray with 17%, silver 15%, red 10% and blue 8%. We can see the dominance of white color in the vehicles. For many of the global markets, 60% of the consumers identify white as an important factor in their purchasing decisions. The white was the most sold color of the year 2015.

The Automotive Paint Colors That Few Consumers Want

There are dozens and dozens of options when it comes to select the automotive paint for a vehicle. From black and white classics to riskier and innovative automotive paints such as camouflage paint, marble effect paint, matt finishes and new proposals for colors are here.

Bright or acid colors like the range of colors of Citroën, which incorporates within its range colors like lemon yellow, and bright red. Porsche for its part implements a range of pastel colors and blue colors close to the lilac that become exclusive color of the brand and that a few people would buy.

Some of the colors in the automotive paints depend directly on the personality of the customers, and it happens just like with the selection of the clothes, where only some adventurous people dare to use the different colors and designs.

What part of the above mentioned groups are you? Do you tend to for the commercial colors majority goes for or you are one of the few people when it is about deciding your automotive paint. Do tell us what color is your car in the comments section so that we can make a small statistical data to share with all of the readers and help them find the best automotive paint for their cars.

Paint in the car fulfills two functions and the first is corrosion protection. Because the car is made of steel, environmental factors such as air and water affect it. In the manufacturing process, they perform a protection treatment against corrosion such as cataphoresis, zinc or phosphate. The second aspect is to provide the exterior beauty, the aesthetic part of the car.

There are different materials used for 2k automotive paint application in paint repair. The defects can occur in the automotive paint and the causes are the environment or it could be the painter too. The environment by some contaminant and the painter in the preparation of the color or in the application of the automotive paint.

Defects by Environment

The most frequent defects caused by the environment are stains in the automotive paint and fisheye.

Stains in Automotive Paint

It is a paint defect that occurs when performing automotive painting process in an inappropriate environment which are as follows;

  • Lack of cleaning of the part
  • Contamination in the enlistment area or in the cabin
  • Cabin filters in poor condition
  • Dirty tool


The most common defect caused by the environment is fisheye formation which are craters like circular cavities in the finishing layer or the intermediate layers and whose edges project slightly. The cause could be the inadequate workshop layout where the booth and automotive paint area must be at a point away from the lubricant area.

Defects by the Painter

The most frequent defects caused by the painter are mark of sanding and solvent boil.

Sanding Marks

Within the defects of the painter, it is the mark of sanding and is presented when the sanding process is inadequate, a progressive sanding should be carried out starting with a coarse grain and finishing with a fine one, also for lack of sanding of bottom paints i.e. putty, primer, rigging or incorrect sanding tools.

Solvent Boil

It is a defect that can be generated by the environment or by failure of the painter, in cities where the temperature is high and the relative humidity is higher, this type of defects can be generated, and also when the painter performs an improper automotive paint operation. The solvent boil is an air bubble on the surface of the paint which is presented by the following;

  • Surface drying
  • Use of a very fast diluent for the cabin
  • Lack of evaporation
  • Excessive product load 

You can see there are multiple reasons of the defects in automotive paint and repaint is the only option to deal with the situation.


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