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What Do Automotive Paint Color Mean In Cars?

What Do Automotive Paint Color Mean In Cars?

The automotive paint selection is almost always an emotional issue and depends on the personality of the buyer. Color hue affects the visibility of the vehicles as perceived by the other drivers. This fact goes further to take into account when selecting the color of your car and road safety aspects.

‘What color will be my next car?’ may seem to be a question without any importance, but the car owners when they are buying a car, are supposed to consider that the choice of color does not correspond only to a personal desire, but it is consistent with the trends as well as security. In this section, we will come to know the about the automotive colors according to the personality, the bestselling color in the 2015.

You just tell me what color your car is and I will tell you who you are. The automotive paint colors have a lot to do with your personality and they are actually a reflection of our personality in the society. The bright colors are chosen by people who are willing to take higher risks and look for the opportunities with adventures, the most experienced and discreet of people may choose the light colors.

Black and Blue

The black and blue are associated with elegance, sobriety, status and power. This automotive paint colors are chosen by people who want to project these characteristics, the upper classes, government and official bodies; they are most fond of these colors.


Gray colors are spearheading the top positions in sales, and they are the favorite of people who want to convey elegance and distinction and a taste for futuristic perspective. In high-end vehicles, they are selected for image. Medium and low range cars select them for safety and ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Metallic Automotive Paint Colors

People who like shiny metallic colors in cars are the most optimistic people that are unlike some other colors that go unnoticed. They are the favorite colors of artists and singers who want to draw attention to their cars.

Red and Blue

These colors refer to USA’s flag and who like these colors for their vehicle are dynamic people who have a lot of energy and development plans. These are the colors used in sports cars and are also selected by younger drivers.

It may be a surprise but white colors was he most sold one in the year 2015. You can find more info here about the best automotive paints.

The automotive paints are generally composed of two parts, one solid and one liquid. In its solid part, it is used with resin and pigments, whether synthetic or natural. Its liquid part is constituted as the vehicle in which the pigments are transported for its application. Oil-derived solvents have long been used for automotive paint application; the petroleum-derived solvents are pollutants, VOC generators.

What is VOC?

They are Volatile Organic Compounds. These pressure and ambient temperature compounds have volatile, liposoluble, toxic and flammable properties. These elements can be found as carbon, hydrogen, fluorine, oxygen, chlorine, bromine, nitrogen or sulfur.

What effects do volatile compounds have on health?

They vary depending on the compound. They may contain a high degree of toxicity or their effects may not be known. They can be presented in a short or long term. In humans, it enters the respiratory tract through contact with the skin. Some of the effects are as follows;

  • Some organic compounds that generate VOCs are carcinogenic (benzene).
  • Long-term exposure may cause injury to the liver, kidneys and central nervous system.
  • Short-term exposure may cause irritation of the eyes and respiratory tract, headache, dizziness, visual disturbances, fatigue, loss of coordination, allergic skin reactions, nausea and memory disorders.
  • Another aspect to consider is the risk of explosion and flammability.

Water Based Automotive Paint

The vast majority of the vehicles from the assemblers are already using water-based automotive paints, so it is imminent that the workshops dedicated to the repair and automotive repainting should be prepared to provide the same quality and finish with those that leave the factory vehicles. Already some brands and dealers are implementing it and the other workshops are gradually entering the technology of applying water based automotive paint in order to comply with international requirements and the commitment acquired with the client in the conservation of the original conditions of the vehicle.

Benefits of Water Based Automotive Paint

The benefits are not only reflected in the environment, but also allow higher productivity, and it is easier to find the color tone and the finish of higher quality and texture. The water based automotive paint comes in a complete line where we find base, resin and water based thinner. It is fully compatible with solvent paint. The complete line of water based automotive paint includes primer, varnish, as well as solvent paint, therefore, the system is present in all repainting processes, thus, reducing pollutant emission throughout the application process, benefiting the environment and the working conditions of those involved in the automotive paint process.


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