What is a Percolator?

What is a Percolator?

A percolator is a small sub-chamber that is integrated in the glass pipe and it allows the interaction between smoke, water and oxygen through the heat exchange and dissolution. There are lots of designs of percolators available on the head shops online such as pedestal, double helix, serpentine, inline, dewar, ring, coil, tree, twist, etc.

A percolator makes the use of an individual flow path for smoke to enter the water. The advantages of a percolator in a glass pipe with some type of percolator results in a smoother, more refrigerated smoke, thus, being a more efficient way to use your glass pipe.

A percolator makes a super-efficient blend between the smoke, oxygen and liquid and here I mention liquid for the reason that there are a lot of users who prefer to put the drinks of their preference inside their glass pipes. When you use your glass pipe, the liquid you put in it will help with the cooling and cleaning of the smoke and will also allow you to inhale a deeper puff, eliminating impurities and leaving more active substance in a much colder smoke.

Many glass pipes have three notches on top of their percolators, so that you can place ice in the main tube of it and it will give an additional advantage to your smoking experience. With the ice you add to your glass pipe, you will get a much smoother and cooler smoke. You can exchange bowls of different sizes according to your personal taste.

There is no residual smoke in your glass pipe chamber. The glass pipes of the best brands and those of greater value are those that have glass on glass system, compared to a clutch that comes in generic ones. A special characteristic is that the donwsteam is a diffuser in itself for the reason that it has small crevices along the downsteam and these clefts divide the smoke into small bubbles and the smaller the bubbles are, the larger the area of the surface of the smoke makes contact with the water; as a result, a perfect mixture is made between the smoke, the liquid and the oxygen. The downsteam are fully able to slide, thus, it allows a better cleaning of your glass pipe, and in this way you keep it in the best conditions for many years to come. For the best percolator, please visit WeSellPipes.com, one of the best head shops online.


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