What Is A Soft Sided Coolers And How To Use It Properly?

What Is A Soft Sided Coolers And How To Use It Properly?

If you are going on a picnic or to the beach for the day it is worth considering taking soft sided coolers with you. This way you will have plenty of space for keeping enough drinks and food cool for you whilst away from open. Plus placing the food in a separate cooler will ensure that it stays fresher for much longer. This is because you won’t need to be opening it regularly in order to get a drink out to quench your thirst.

Plus it is important that you learn how to pack your coolers correctly. If you follow the tips below not only will your food stay fresher for long but the ice you pack to keep the food or drinks cool will last a lot longer as well. Whatever you know so far, I am sure you can find out more here.

  • It is a good idea to actually chill everything that you are taking in your coolers prior to packing. If the items you are packing in to your soft sided cooler are cold before being placed in them the ice you pack in there will last considerably longer.
  • Along with cooling the food and drinks down before packing the cooler also chill the cooler down as well. To do this all, you need to do is put some ice cubes into the cooler prior to packing it.
  • It is important to remember that cold air travels down so never put the ice in until last. So always load the soft sided coolers up with your drinks and food first, and then cover them with ice. This will further help to ensure that they remain cooler and fresher for longer.
  • The kind of ice you use in your cooler is important as well. So you should use either crushed or blocked ice to pack yours with to keep the things inside cool and fresh. If you want things to be cooled quickly then used crush ice. However, if you want the ice to last for a long time then it is better to go for the blocks.
  • You can chill your drinks but it is also a good idea to freeze them as well. Doing this will provide another way to help keep the food inside the cooler fresher and cooler for longer. Plus remember that they will then provide you with another source of cold drinks as they thaw.
  • When you are packing foods into your soft sided coolers make sure that you do it in chronological order. What this means is putting the foods at the bottom that you will eat last and the ones that you will be eating the most often or first are to go at the top. If you are taking along perishables such as dairy or meat products then make sure that these are packed directly onto ice. Also pack them in to sealed plastic bags or containers to ensure that they remain dry.

Above we have offered just a few tips that will help you to ensure that what you pack into your soft sided coolers remains cold and fresh for much longer. The more time you dedicate to packing your coolers properly then the much better the food and drinks will keep and so you will have a much more enjoyable time away from home.


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