What is a VGA Capture Card?

What is a VGA Capture Card?

Have you ever seen a recorded program on your PC or laptop? Well, most of you would have fancy media center computers, but a few of us know about the device that makes it possible for us to do this. It is attained by using a Video capture card that lets us not just view things but also enables us to save them. There are a lot many types available, however, the one that are sturdy and do not require you to be a computer expert to purchase are VGA capture cards. All of us know that there is a Blue Colored VGA port on the computer, where we plug in the Monitor or Display Unit. So you can easily ask for it and get the video feed into your computer may be from the set top of your DTH or may be from a camera for that matter. Through VGA capture card you can see it on your computer and it enables you to record them for you on your computer Hard Drive.

The point to be noted here is that while any VGA capture card would have a Blue connector externally, you need to choose how it fits into your system. One needs to understand that there are different types of Slots in the computer, where you can install maybe a sound, network or video card. The Motherboard of your computer may have PCI Slots, AGP Slots or PCI Express Slots. If you want to get a VGA capture card, know what is the kind of slot on your computer?

One would imagine that these cards let you record the programs because they are designed to act as a recorder. It is the Operating System of the computer that has to derive this function out of a VGA capture card. In simple words, if an Operating System asks the capture card for video feed in order to save it, it facilitates the same. That is how you are able to get your favorite shows and TV programs saved with you. It is not only applicable for entertainment, but in security and surveillance. The video can always be recorded for future purposes.

There is a specific class of VGA capture card for certain devices that do not have slots, it takes the input through the VGA port and transfers it through USB to any available recording device. Internet has also been one of the cause and beneficiary of this technology. Today, live video streaming technology lets you stream out a Live Video and you may have this live video being captured through VGA capture card. There are newer technologies in picture HDMI ports that support HDTVs and different video devices are in picture. However, you should not worry, as the VGA capture card will be in till the day VGA ports go extinct. You can visit this site to know more about the best capture cards.


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