What is an Ionic Smokeless Ashtrays?

What is an Ionic Smokeless Ashtrays?

Are you having problems with people complaining about the habit of your smoking, especially when they are around when you are smoking because of getting the air dirty? In case you are looking for a solution to this problem, so that you can keep the people unharmed because of the emitting smoke of your cigarettes, you will be able to find more ways than one. With the advent of the new technologies being introduced in the market such as electronic cigarette, there are also a few other means to eliminate the smoke without the need to quit smoking at all. Here the ionic smokeless ashtray is the thing you definitely need as a solution.

Out of the many types of smokeless ashtrays available on the market these days, the ionic smokeless ashtray is the best one so far. When this device is turned on, the negative ions are generated which clean the smoky air in a highly effective way. The particles of the cigarette smoke have positive charges and it makes it possible for the negative ions to attract the smoke particles. The ionic smokeless ashtray not only sucks up smoke but it also sucks the other unwanted particles in the air such as dust, mold spores, pollen and a few other elements which may cause allergy to some people. So an ionic smokeless ashtray works more than just to get rid of the smoke in your living space, in fact, it gives you the added benefit of breathing in the cleaner and healthier air as well.

The ionic smokeless ashtray is absolutely free of any sort of noise, so it is another added advantage of using this device. Unlike the other models of smokeless ashtrays, you will not hear any sound, so it can still be operational during your sleeping hours. In fact, you can have it on for the entire day and there is no need to worry about the energy costs for the reason that the device’s electric consumption is very minimal. The ionic smokeless ashtray does not require any replacement or cleaning of the filter and it means that you will have lesser hassle on your part while enjoying more on the beneficial side.

How effective is an ionic smokeless ashtray in eliminating the odor of smoke?

Almost all of the products have limitations and the ionic smokeless ashtray is not exempted from this rule as well. When a person smokes, the cigarette does not sit on the ashtray the whole time, so the smoker will have to pick it up and that is a sure thing. After taking a drag and blowing the smoke into the air, the ionic smokeless ashtray will not be able to suck in all of the smoke in the air. So if your purpose is to clean the air in the entire household, you may need some other product that would serve the purpose such as an air cleaner or an air purifier, perhaps.

It is reasonable solution for the others who worry about secondhand smoke for the reason that it can be more harmful than smoking itself. The secondhand smoke poses a great risk to people’s health and you would not want your friends or loved ones to suffer from any sort of health hazard only because of one of your habit, especially the kids who are more prone to the health hazards caused by the cigarette smoke. By having an ionic smokeless ashtray in your home, office or any contained space, it will be easier for the smokers as well as the non-smokers alike to stay in a comfortable ambiance in the same room.


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