What is Steem.it?

What is Steem.it?

Steem is meritocracy and peer-to-peer social economy built on technology of blockchain which pay you in the form of cryptocurrency for creating and curating, mostly long blog posts that are available at Steemit.com.

This cryptocurrency can be exchanged for fiat currency and can be spend on your rent, travel or groceries, or you can earn even more if you invest n into Steem network.

There are many individuals who have earned thousands of dollars by only their introduction posts. And you can be the next.

You can create a following on Steemit by posting quality content, this following will pay you again and again as long as you continue to produce quality content which meets your followers’ needs and wants. Quality isn’t just appreciated on Steemit, it rather compulsory.

Steem is composed for growth in near future. Its architecture will grow to many times the Reddit traffic.

At present, Steemit is at ideal stage for visionary leaders and technology enthusiasts for future build of their communities

Steemit is best, however it is also ideal for your followers. Followers can fund most speculative job and high quality without paying anything and the best part they can also earn.


If you did not registered, register now at Steemit.com. To get updates you can follow me to get science fiction, about Steemit help, daily posts of positivity in political commentary, Posidose series, or libertarians organization, and the like.

Also follow Smart Podcast of Steam at Steemit.com/@steemsmart. Here you get latest news about success of Steem as well as you can stay abreast of new updates of influencers and new developmetns in the community of Steem.

Are you ready for introductory post. Create 2 drafts, then email it to us. We can help you to go to next level and become a successful content creator.

Remember that I have not examined code behind Steem and I have not seen anybody comprehensive code analysis. This is just a basic guide to start on it.

I am sure that Steem is not a scam. However do not risk more of your bucks, time and energy than you can afford to let go. Remember the key is to take risks that your pocket allow you to go.

If you have any chance, I believe you will also be convinced. Then you can grow your following through adding more users to Steem.it.


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