What Is The Best Fishing Kayak?

What Is The Best Fishing Kayak?

The best fishing kayak is definitely the one you feel the most comfortable in when riding. While choosing your ideal kayak from a wide range of the market products, the first thing you need to do is think what is the best fishing kayak and then make a checklist of what you want in your kayak. As soon as you get the options in front of you, you can tick your checklist to see which product has the most features that you need.

While selecting the first thing to be kept in mind is the affordability. You need to define your range of money that the product I am going to buy should fall within the limit of the amount you have planned to spend on. The second thing to be kept in mind is the purpose of the kayak if you are buying it for recreational activities, you are buying it heavy waters, you are buying it for fishing or you want to buy it to spend some alone time. The kayaks are of different types and need to be selected accordingly.

The third thing to be kept in mind is the number of who you are buying the kayak for. Whether it is you, along or it is you along with a friend? And you need room for two

These all features combine together to make your Kayak a perfect ride for you to have. Here are the three best Kayaks of 2017.

1 – Straightedge Angler

The kayak with multi-layered body for protection along with patented aluminum rib frame, it has pads all around for the safety which makes it an extra stable ride. The inflatable lumbar support with high back seat gives the ultimate comfort to the rider.

The measurements are 9 feet 8 inches by 35 inches. And this model’s own weight is 41 pounds. The weight capacity it can carry is 300 pound. The one-year manufacturer warranty calms the nerve down.

2 – Hobie Pro Angler 12 2015 Olive

This model is powered by “Mirage Drive” and it has the glide technology pedal drive system.  This system allows your hands and legs to rest as it moves the kayak with stability of its own. The vantage seats makes the model looks just way classier. Easy access to the tackle with the horizontal storage of four rods and vertical storage of two rods, it is the perfect fish finder you were in search for.

3 – Prowler 13 Angler

The most popular and one of the original kayaks designed only for the purpose of fishing. The ride is smooth, calm and quite which makes it ideal to fish in the smooth waters. Any larger caught fish can easily be placed on board due to the huge storage capacity. Comfortable seats with two rod holders, two cup holders, and two paddle keepers. The iconic well designed tank to easily accept coolers, scuba tanks and crates.

When you have got out of the choices available above and enjoyed it with the flow of the river of your choice, we encourage you to visit us back and share what you found good and not so good about the model you got. It will be very helpful for our other visitors for the reason that they will be able to make an informed decision when they would like to buy a kayak for themselves in the coming days.


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