What is the Best Smokeless Ashtray to Use in a Car?

What is the Best Smokeless Ashtray to Use in a Car?

It is no surprise that a smoker who lights a cigarette in the car and fails to find an ashtray will ultimately turn to the next big solution, yes, the open ground. Most of the smokers feel that an ashtray is an essential part of their smoking life. The ashtrays are necessary for the smokers when they smoke, although there is no denying that a few will still consider the ground as an ashtray even if there is an available ashtray in front of them.

Oftentimes, there are many smokers who do not purposely clean out their ashtrays so as to showcase to their smoking friends just how many cigarettes they have managed to smoke in a day or just in a few hours. You will notice that these individuals will never let an ashtray slip by without noticing them. For them, an ashtray is considered as a fascinating piece of object. It gives a subtle hint as to the mood of the person smoking at the time, whether he was angry at something or was just smoking to ease off the tension. This can be noticed in how the cigarette has been put out or how the ashtray was ultimately used.

The criminal psychology has come to the conclusion that most of the criminals always light up a cigarette before they commit a crime or after they have done it. Most of these criminals get apprehended because of the cigarette butts they used and left near the crime scene which can be easily traced back to them through DNA.

The type of ashtray used also says a lot about its owner. It will usually have hints as to the type and kind of cigarette a smoker uses or how much he smokes on average. All this ideas can be seen just by studying the contents of an ashtray. You can even tell whether the person was smoking alone or with other people. It is also a good way of telling whether a person is a chain smoker or just an occasional smoker. You never thought that so many things could be derived from an ashtray, did you? Well, guess the saying is right that ‘a full ashtray does define a smoker’.

When a person smokes, it bothers the people sitting or standing nearby as they have to put up with the secondhand smoke, which can cause a health hazard for some people as well. In order to deal with the issue of secondhand smoke, now you can use a smokeless ashtray which has the function to suck up the smoke left by the cigarettes. Here I will share with you a brief review of the best smokeless ashtray suitable to use in a car.

Zone Tech Car Smokeless Ashtray with Blue LED Light Indicator

This smokeless ashtray lets you smoke while it creates smoke free area. You will absolutely have a good time smoking in your car, home or at workplace and there will be no strong odor at all lingering in the place. It also has smoke diffuser which make your car free of smoke. Its cover shuts which does not let the smoke odor spread.

It has a cool blue LED which lights up as soon as you open its lid. It enhances the night vision and it also offers you simple optical access to it. It can be used for several purposes. In addition to be used in the car, it can be used in the house home as well as in an office. Its container’s top has the ample space to crush a cigarette before you drop it in hole. It is made with high quality of material, so it quite tough and lasts for longer time.


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