What Material to Choose for Bathtubs?

What Material to Choose for Bathtubs?

The bathtub is one of the central elements of the bathroom, both decorative and functional aspects. So getting right with your choice is a key aspect to make your bathroom decoration ideal.

In this article, we will forget its more aesthetic side, and we will focus on the functional aspect of the bathtub. More specifically we will talk about the different materials that can be found in the bathtub, and we will analyze them one by one to find the most suitable one for the use that we are going to give to our bathtub.

The materials will not only analyze them according to their finish, as this aspect is much more focused on aesthetics. Above all we will analyze the quality of this, its resistance and maintenance, and the benefits that it can offer to us.

And to begin, we will talk about the most common material in the bathtubs, acrylic. They are the most demanded for their cheap price and easy installation. The problem with this material is its lightness, which makes its quality not quite good and that with the passage of years and use of the bathtub tends to crack or even break. It is the cheapest material, but also the lowest quality material.

A model that stands out for its successful aesthetics is ceramic bathtub. It is very nice, but it has a few drawbacks. The first of them is its heaviness. In addition, it is very fragile and we must be careful that we do not fall in the bathtub for the reason that they can break easily.

If we are looking for greater solidity, the best bet is steel bathtubs. These, in addition to good resistance, also offer us a very good price-quality ratio. They adapt very well to the changes in temperature and their maintenance is relatively simple. If we talk about its disadvantages, it is that its enamel ends up flaking over the years.

Another very interesting material is that of synthetic bathtubs. These are resistant bathtubs that we can also find in different colors, which makes them very original. Its variety in forms is also an aspect to consider, because surely you find a perfect one for your bathroom.

Finally we would talk about the bathtubs of foundry, some creations also remarkable for their resistance and how well they respond to the temperature changes typical of this area of the house. They also have a relatively simple maintenance, thanks to the glazed enamel that covers them, which facilitates their cleaning.


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