What Should You Eat To Lose Weight?

What Should You Eat To Lose Weight?

There are certain foods that you can eat when you are trying to lose weight.


It is better if you eat a piece of fruit or take its juice as well so that you can take advantage of all its properties. It is ideal to have a piece of fruit in breakfast, after lunch and as snacks.


All dishes must be complemented with some vegetables. For the better effect when you eat fruits and vegetables, you should have one of each color every day.

Fruit smoothies or juices

It is also a good way to replace the breakfast coffee or glass of milk with these food options and they are also ideal for snacks. These shakes are delicious and can be made in a variety of thousands of recipes with different flavors. Just try and find your favorite fruit smoothie for your snack and breakfast. Here it is important that you bear in mind that you do not fall into the trap of buying milkshakes at the supermarket for the reason that they contain sugars and sweeteners, plus many other ingredients that are not fruits, so they stay longer and give more palatable flavors. The best smoothie is that you can make yourself at home; it is fast and easy and you exactly know what you have and what not.

Meat and fish

Having some meat and fish in a week is alright; you can take about twice a week, but it is always better if you cook it in baked or grilled from. It is also advisable to complement each dish with vegetables for better weight loss effect.

Drink plenty of water

It is said that water is life and it is very much true. Water is highly important for our health and for our diet to lose weight and for our whole life. It is the key to clean our body and it also help to eliminate everything that we don’t need in our body. It is an essential element for our body to achieve our goal of weight loss. So, when you are eating, it is advisable to drink water before meal to fee less hungry. You can also take a glass of water with lemon when you wake up in the morning as it greatly compliments our efforts of weight loss.

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