What to Consider Before Buying a Sofa Set?

What to Consider Before Buying a Sofa Set?

Buying a sofa is a major investment so you should you consider this decision carefully keeping every point in mind what you need to know before buying this important piece of furniture. Here I present you with a few tips so that you are not lost among all the market offerings. So make sure that you choose the best sofas by price, quality and beauty since it is one of the most important part of your home décor.

What is the function of your sofa?

It is obvious that you want to use it for siting, but carefully assess the place and function you need with your couch. The one used in a library may not be give the same performance in the family room or where the area occupied most of the times by family members and guests. Under the library of this fact, you have to choose the frame and upholstery which can be more or less resistant.

How to choose the right size?

Choose the best size depending on the space that you have and the number of people of the house.

For little space, light pieces with less bottom and legs give a good look and fulfil the function and can be completed with few chairs or booster seats.

For more space, it is better to choose sofa in L shape or corner sofa instead of the typical 3+2 seater with which the corner space is lost.

You can also choose to lengthen sofas with chaise lounge. They are comfortable and provide extra seating. If the sofa will be in front of a window, calculate the height of the back to avoid blocking the way of light and air.

A comfortable backrest has at least 85-90 centimeters, and what you want, above all, is comfort.

Measures according seating

The three-seater sofas are about two meters long (20 centimeters more or less depending on armrests) and the two-seater are between 1.65 and 1.80 m.

The four seats are suitable for rooms measuring more than 40m2. Otherwise, the sofa will saturate the whole decoration.

Note that the bottom of the seat and the back will be those that will give a sense of greater or lesser size and the standard is 90 to 95 centimeters.

Different fillings for comfort seat

The filling of the cushions is also important. You have to choose foam as its density will take more or less deformed, feathers have lose form or as recommended mix of feathers and foam or polyester fiber according to the seats.

Cleaning the sofa

In choosing the material, make it clear for yourself and consider what care you will need to keep the sofas clean. Remember that cleaning upholstery fabric is different from a leather sofa.

Do you want to add vibrant colors in your room? You can dare to make a decision out of the ordinary and change your traditional sofas by one full of life and style. A colorful sofa can give your room the much needed vibrancy without major changes to the rest of the décor at all. It combines colorful sofa with any decor to give it a feeling more eclectic and creative to your room, and you feel the energy in your home.

Mix Bright Colors with Elegance

If you prefer to keep your living room elegant, try combining distinguished accessories with a colorful sofa set. It is no more sophisticated than a traditional chandelier accessory, so try hang one right above your sofa to balance the color; glass and metals also add elegance. It includes these in mirrors, side tables, and other small decorations. Do not be afraid of this blend of sophistication and color because it creates the popular eclectic style in your living room.

A New Look for an Old Sofa

Another way you can make your home look eclectic and creative is with mixing the old with the new and a vintage sofa in a bright color can accomplish this, but these pieces are generally high prices. To save, consider changing the carpet yourself to a Victorian or Renaissance sofa by one full of color such as blue, green or yellow. Add other vintage and modern accessories in your decor to complete the look such as old books and the pieces of modern art.

Balance Neutral

If you are a little afraid that your room looks too flashy with a colorful sofa, you can prevent this problem by using neutral colors for the rest of the decor. If you want a lighter style, use white for the rest of the accessories. If you want a warm decoration, consider the brown and beige. To maintain elegance, black is the best choice. You can also consider gray, a color that is becoming fashionable as neutral.


Color is not the only way to add life to your living room. A sofa with a print or pattern out of the ordinary can do wonders in a rather plain room. The texture cannot miss the decor, and a sofa is a piece where you can choose it among many options. Consider making your own cover with a striking pattern for a sofa that you already have at home. So not only you will save on buying a new sofa but you can also change the style anytime.

It is always not necessary to have expensive luxury sofas to add style to your living room, but all it requires is your creative side and its smart implementation.


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