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What to Consider When You Buy CPAP Masks?

What to Consider When You Buy CPAP Masks?

CPAP masks now require a doctor’s prescription under a recent change in prescription requirements from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The law now classifies CPAP/Bi-PAP/BiLevel masks and humidifiers as Class II Medical Devices so you now require a prescription from your doctor to buy them. In the past you were required to have a doctor’s prescription for a CPAP machine but did not need one to buy CPAP masks. However, there is a loophole that allows you to buy the components of a mask and assemble the mask without a prescription for the components.

It can be difficult for side sleepers when a CPAP machine is prescribed as treatment for sleep apnea. CPAP is the treatment for people to maintain an open airway using mild air pressure. It is used by people having respiratory problems such as sleep apnea syndrome. The machine generates a positive air pressure which is delivered to the nostrils though the use of a mask. These masks can be difficult to use if you are accustom to sleeping on your side.

In general, people suffering from the sleep apnea syndrome can find it very uncomfortable to sleep while wearing the masks. This is especially true for people who are unable to sleep on their backs but must sleep on their sides. As a result of this discomfort the failure rate of the CPAP machines as a treatment for sleep apnea can exceed 20% within the first three months of use and 32% by the end of five years. 

One reason masks are uncomfortable for most CPAP machine users are due to their design and fit. While manufacturers of other products, such as clothes, shoes, eyeglasses and even dentures make a large variety of custom sizes to fit their customers CPAP mask manufacturers provide generic masks in three to five sizes. They ignore the impact of unique facial contours and muscle structure of each person, the impact of the force of the air pressure being applied and the slipperiness caused by sweat or humidified air on mask fit. These few generic sizes are anticipated to fit everybody in a comfortable way without leaks. The lack of custom design results in poor fitting masks, resulting in the following problems;

  • Discomfort due to pressure points from the mask causing irritation on the nose and face such as bruises, sores and spots.
  • There could be discomforting and loud leakage of air from CPAP mask.
  • There might be a little discomfort with the straps to hold the mask in place.
  • The air from mask goes onto your hands, arms or the person lying beside you.

These issues make negatives effects on the sleep quality of yours and often your partner’s sleep as well. As a results, many people discontinue the usage of CPAP mask within a few months of using it. So when you want to buy one, read the best CPAP mask reviews to make the right choice.

A CPAP involves the use of forced air which is prime tool in holding patient’s airway open. This is usually done when the patient is still asleep and is ordered in order to maintain the openness of the airway and preventing possible blockage. There are some specific patients who are ordered with this procedure. Examples of these are premature babies and those individuals who are suffering from OSA or Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

A CPAP is basically delivered by a specialized machine which is composed of three major parts. This makes use of full face or mouth and nose mask and is secured on the airway of the patient by means of using straps. Then the mask is linked to the plastic tubing via pressurized air coming from the motor Because of the presence of the modernization of the machines used, the equipment emitting the pressurized air is even lighter, smaller and even quieter.

In most cases, the machine in this procedure is usually generating continuous flow of pressurized air. This air normally goes to windpipe where this air functions as a stent and avoid the likelihood of collapsing air brought to patient’s airway. This therefore implies that the patient will not experience any reductions and pauses in terms of breathing. Moreover, there is no possible disturbance in their manner of sleeping and they will not gasp for air once they are awake already. Furthermore, their body cells will not feel any starvation in oxygen saturation coming from the blood.

When it comes to the pressure of CPAP, this usually depends from the degree of sleep apnea that they are suffering. The doctor will be responsible in determining the right amount of pressure needed by the patient based from his assessment. In order to determine the pressure needed, the patient is asked to undergo with sleep first.

Once the patient underwent in CPAP procedure, they will show betterment in daytime attentiveness. In addition, the ones under CPAP experience enhancement in energy levels. So when you are about to undergo with this procedure, you have to reduce movements requiring too much energy. The current energy you have will serve as your reserved fuel while you are not yet given the treatment. Moreover, there is couple of masks used in this treatment depending from the suitability to the patient. So if you are among of the people who are concerned, these are the facts that you have to remember. You can read more about CPAP masks here.


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