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What To Consider When You Choose The Automotive Paint?

What To Consider When You Choose The Automotive Paint?

There is an extensive variety of automotive paints on the market and it appears to be highly confusing for a buyer to make the final choice for which he would not regret later. One very much ongoing trend in the automotive paints is the use metallic. For example, if you have made it clear for yourself that you will go for metallized automotive paint since it is more resistant and sophisticated, it is about focusing on the right color.

You may have a favorite color, so you have a lot of work ahead of you. But if this is not the case, you can help yourself with the information that we are going to provide you with here. For example, the white color represents joy, while the darker colors are shown more as a symbol of power. A clear example is the high-end cars, which usually tend to look darker than the other colors.

On the other side, there are blue and red, which transmit energy and dynamism and are the most chosen by young people. While the gray tones are associated with elegance and exclusivity. Statistics also show that gray cars are the ones with the fewest accidents.

It is said that a white car is much more visible at night and in dark tunnels than any other color. It is clear that compared to other basic colors, this stands out much more than the rest.

Things You Shouldn’t Do with Your Car to Keep Automotive Paint Safer

  • Never wash the car with household detergents or other solvents, as these contain chemicals that prematurely deteriorate the automotive paint.
  • Polishers and protectors should be placed at least three times a year.
  • It is not advisable to make more than one polish a year as this procedure infers directly on the layer of the protective lacquer of the automotive paint, causing its thinning and deterioration.

It is important to take the car to a chassis wash after visiting the coast, since even if you do not see it, the chemical process that makes salt on any metal is continuous and uninterrupted if nothing is done to stop it; just look at the old ships without maintenance as they are. The care routine for your is very important and the things mentioned above must not be practiced for the durably of the automotive paint or else its value will go down very easily.

There are dozens and dozens of options for automotive painting for a car. From classic white or black to brighter and innovative such as the camouflage paint or paint with marble effect are the options available today.

Do you know which of all the automotive paints is the most used? What color do you paint the most cars with in the world? Is there any favorite that is used more than the rest? Let’s find out!

White is the favorite color of car owners.

White, perhaps the oldest and most classic color of all, is the favorite of car owners. According to different studies conducted in 2015, 29% of the cars registered have been delivered in this color. Although 29% may seem small, just remember the number of options available to see the large number. Think that almost one in three cars in the world is white and you will begin to see the magnitude of that amount, you can find the best brands of automotive paints.

Why do most people choose white?

It is difficult to determine, but we could say that there are several basic reasons such as the following;


White, next to black, usually is the cheapest of all. Go to any dealer and ask the price of your car in different colors and you will see that white is the most affordable.


It is said that white cars are the easiest to clean and, above all, to care for. Although black or dark blue is also easy to care for, scratches are always less noticeable in a white one.


The price of insurance can vary by the color of your car, although all this sounds like a myth. But what is certain is that it will not increase the price if its color is white, since its repairing is easy.

These three motifs are the ones we think are the main ones due to which the white color is the most chosen one. Obviously there will be a good percentage of those buyers who chose it because it is their favorite color, but we doubt that everyone did it for that reason.

In the end, when you buy a car, you have look at these three aspects and if white compensates you more than any other, choose it even if you like another one like red, blue or black.


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