What to Consider While Choosing a Tanning Lotion?

What to Consider While Choosing a Tanning Lotion?

While tanning your skin seems like the best ever thing that you can do but some people misunderstand the term with sunburn. How can you even consider baking yourself in the sun to get that tanned skin that looks so perfect? Well, anything that looks perfect is not that hard to avail and the same is for your lovable and sexy tanned skin. You can get it easily as well. You really don’t need to go harsh on yourself and decide to stay outside for extra hours in the scorching heat. You can just do it indoors with the blessing named as tanning lotions or self-tanner of fake tanner, etc. Today you have so many choices to get the best indoor tanning lotion for yourself.

So while you step outside to buy a perfect indoor tanning lotion for yourself, what is that must be kept in mind while choosing the perfect one? Everyone needs some tips and advices right? So here are 5 things to keep in mind while you choose a tanning lotion for yourself this summer!

1 – Moisturizers

You cannot leave your skin dry if you want to achieve a good tanned skin fast! Tanning simply does not work on dry skin the way it does on a well moisturized one. If you are using a tanning bed, then a moisturizer is one of the best things to pick up. Remember that moisture is really important while you are undergoing the process of tanning.

2 – Bronzer

Then there come the tanning lotions with bronzers and this is not everyone’s choice. So you must know before you dive in to pick this one for yourself. These are used for darkening your skin on top of the sun tan. Plus, bronzers are not faster than the normal tanning lotions. They take exactly the same amount of time that a normal indoor tanning lotion takes.

3 – Tingling Lotions

Then there are tingling lotions and you need to keep this in mind while you hunt for yours. Tingling lotions create a tingle in your skin. Why? This happens due to the chemical reaction that takes place in your skin pores to turn your pigmentationsdark. But they are great as they don’t permit damage to happen to your skin due to the tingling. They improvise the blood flow of your skin and thus help you gain a better tanned skin without any dryness.

It is proved that a slightly golden skin can provide a healthy glow, yet nothing is more erroneous than spending hours under the sun to get a tan and protect your body and your face if you are going to expose directly. With the advancement of science, self-tanners are the leading choice for a sunless tan. It is important for use on the clean, exfoliated and well moisturized skin to absorb the right amount. Here I will present you with some great tanning products. For detailed use of tanning products, send a query at Samantha Wharton @ tanning lotion.

1 – Vaseline Healthy Body Glow

If you want an economical alternative, Healthy Body Glow is the solution. It acts gradually and it means that you will achieve a subtle tan every day. Another benefit is that it moisturizes and softens the skin, so how about having two products in one! There are three versions as for light, medium and dark skin.

2 – L’Oreal Sublime One Day Tinted Gel Bronzer

It is ideal for those who want to have a bronzed goddess for a day. The truth is that you must be careful when applying this product as it provides you with an enviable tone and it is essential that you exfoliate your skin before and wait to dry it completely before you get dressed. When you get tired of it, just bathe with soap and water as usual. You can apply several layers according to the tone you want to achieve.

3 – Clarins Self-Tanning Instant Gel

With its non-greasy formula, this self-tanner of the French brand Clarins, helps you build a credible color such as ‘sun-kissed’. Undoubtedly, it one of the favorites and it has won large amounts of prizes. The main advantage is that it will not leave undesirable lines plus it will give you a fabulous smell. If you wish, you can mix it with your moisturizer or sunscreen for a more subtle tan, but do not forget to wait a few minutes before dressing up.

4 – Josie Maran Argan Self-Tanning Cream

Josie Maran presents this self-tanner without parabens and with natural ingredients such as sugar cane and beet which act as a safe dye for your skin. Josie Maran Argan Self-Tanning Cream will not only provide you with a gradual tan but it will moisturize your face and body as well, thanks to argan oil, found in all products of this brand. Another benefit of this product is that it contains caffeine and this will help fight cellulite to give strength to the surface of your skin.


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