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What to Know about Mineral Makeup for Dark Skin?

What to Know about Mineral Makeup for Dark Skin?

Mineral makeup products are trending nowadays, especially among the girls with dark complexion. This is because it is the most natural available makeup nowadays. It is regarded as organic, safe and natural makeup. Mineral makeup for dark skin is just a blessing in simple words.

The mineral makeup has its foundations back in the history, when people ground some minerals, to beautify the skin with their natural pigments. This history follows back to the time of cavemen and Stone Age.

Nowadays, mineral makeups are rapidly taking place of conventional and artificial products, because they are said to be light on skin. Today, when there are many manufacturers of these products, it is essential to know their various pros and cons before buying them.

  • Mineral makeup is composed of certain natural minerals such astitanium dioxide, iron oxides, talc, zinc oxide, which are ground, milled and refined to produce makeup. Unlike other makeups, it does not contain oils, wax, scent or artificial pigments.
  • Mineral makeups offer mild protection from sunscreen. Some of them are designed to diffract sun rays, and reducing melanin reactivity. So mineral makeup for dark skin is a good option even if you have sensitive skin.
  • These products also offer skin soothing properties. They can calm the irritable skin, because they have a composition similar to anti-rash lotions and ointments.
  • They are especially designed products for melanin rich skin, because it reduces melanin’s amount and strength. These makeup items also blend well in dark skin tones.
  • Mineral makeup for dark skin prevent the skin from cracking and causation of any redness or soreness. It also prevents blemish formation and gives better coverage for dark circles or uneven skin tone.
  • Due to their mineral based composition, they do not allow the growth of bacteria, and last longer than ordinary makeup. Hence they do not need to be replaced very frequently.
  • The sensitive skin which cannot bear the load of many skin care products or beautifying agents can still do with this makeup. However specific allergies from different minerals should be checked before purchase.
  • Since these products do not include any binders, waxes or unnatural ingredients, they do not last long, and need a constant retouching.

Mineral Makeup for Dark Skin Tones

For darker skin tones, mineral makeup for dark skin is the best, however it is very difficult to find a shade that perfectly matches the skin. One often has to take the risk of blending two shades, which may or may not work.

Since minerals have more of earth colored pigments in them, there is often difficulty in finding funky colors in mineral makeup. This limits the choice, especially for fair toned people.

It isn’t for Every One!

Mineral makeup is not for everyone, because different people have allergies to different mineral. What suits one may not suit another.

People with dry skin have some problems using these items, as no moisturizer should be applied beneath them to avoid formation of patches. And without the application of moisturizer, dry skin appears dull and flaky.

These kinds of makeup items can only be paired with matte and natural colored lip shades. The earth tones do not go with glossy and shiny things.

Despite their many and large benefits, some people still hesitate to buy them because they are comparatively more expensive than the conventional ones.

Variations in skin tones are a result of varying the amount of a protein in the skin, namely melanin. Increased amount of melanin results in a darker skin tone, whereas people with lighter skin tone have lower amounts of this protein. Reactivity of melanin with sun rays also has an impact, especially on darker skin.

Mineral makeup consists of certain minerals, which can lower the reactivity of melanin with other components of skin cells as well as sun rays. Hence, use of specific mineral makeup products is goo if you are looking for flawless and natural look. Following tips should be followed, before applying mineral makeup for dark skin.

1 – Selection of Shade

Selection of a perfect shade especially for dark toned skin is very critical. It is advised to take a photo of you in broad daylight, which includes your face, neck and shoulders, and then decide the shade which is closest to your skin. Never use a lighter shade in an attempt to look fairer, and when you are selecting mineral makeup for dark skin, as it will cause your face to appear gray toned. Stick to the natural complexion; just give it a flawless look.

2 – Making That Shade

Mineral make-ups can sometime go tricky for ethnic skin or complexion which is in between dark and light. In this case, you can purchase two foundations, one a lighter shade, and another darker. Blend these both really well before applying it to skin. This also works when you are working with the mineral makeup for dark skin tones.

3 – Use Earth Colors

Just like rose pink, peach and oranges enhance fair or pale skin tone, browns, greens and shaded orange enhance dark toned skin. Mineral makeup for dark skin is available in a wide range of earth tones, which can create diverse looks ranging from perfectly natural to hot, smoky eyes.

4 – Mineral Blush

When selecting the mineral makeup for dark skin, mineral blush on is a product most suitable for dark colored tones. People who have a problem that their blush-on does not show up, this are the best option as it highlights the cheekbones if used properly.

5 – Use Matte Products

Melanin is a protein that attracts oil. Hence darker skin tones are always more prone to oil-related skin clogs and acne. To avoid this problem from getting worse, avoid the shiny products and go for matte ones. In mineral makeup for dark skin tones, it is easy to find them because minerals tend to absorb the oil and give skin a perfect, non-oily look.

6 – No Moisture Underneath

Unlike the advice of applying moisturizer beneath the foundation, the mineral makeup should be applied without any moisturizer under it. It is because the minerals will accumulate and can result in formation of clusters or dark patches.

7 – Dark and Dry?

If however, your skin is both dark and dry, you need to apply a little bit of hydrating water or rosewater before application of mineral makeup. Water keeps the minerals on their place, as well as keeps skin hydrated.

8 – Remove before Sleeping

Prolong exposure to skin with certain minerals can cause allergic reactions as well as clogging of pores. It is best to remove the makeup before sleeping, so that the minerals do not cause any skin clogs, rashes or other reactions, now you know the benefits of choosing the mineral makeup for dark skin tones.


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