When is Right Time for Air Filter Change?

When is Right Time for Air Filter Change?

Now that from time to time you must check your home air filters system. This will not only make your family members healthy, but can also save your money and effort when you are willing to change the system or to clean the system.

Studies have shown that home pollution is one of the top reasons for infections and allergies among adults and older people. So stop this risk by changing and cleaning your system at the right time.

Make a Check

This is recommended that you should give your home air filtration system a check after every 2 weeks, be it the heating air or the cooling air. Both are important to be check after 2 weeks to ensure their working state and condition.

How to Know the Time?

It’s not a trick, as you have to actually put your time and effort into it so that you can guess the right time of cleaning and changing the filters. Keep it in mind that cleaning the filters shortly after the first clean can actually damage the filter, and lets it to not absorb the impurities you want to get rid of.

The change or cleaning time can depend on the following factors

  1. The kind of AC or heater
  2. The overall air quality
  3. Pets, if you have any
  4. Number of family members
  5. Air pollution in your area, such as you live on the street or in a colony

Usually the person who sold you the filters will tell you how often you should wash or change the filters, or will let you know what signs show that you have to change or wash the filters. Changing and washing the filters depends on the kind of filters.

Washable or Disposable?

Washable filters are a good friend, as not only they will stay long with you, but will also save you a lot of money. While on the other hand, if you choose the disposable ones they will be used only once. On another note washable ones are considered to be better as they are strong enough to bear the absorbing and washing cycle to provide you best service, as the disposable ones are wasted only after one use.

Why Changing and Cleaning is Important?

The filter can only perform their best when they are in the good condition, this goes the same for both heaters and coolers.

Change by yourself or Hire a Professional?

If you know few things about filters, it doesn’t mean that you can change or clean the filters on your own. If the filters are not changed or cleaned right for having lesser risk of getting anything done wrong, the best advice s to hire a professional and get your service done. The professional knows a lot almost about everything that you own.  You might have to look for the best service, which will cost your time, but the time and the effort will be surely worth it.

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