When It’s Time to Find a New Software Development Partner

When It’s Time to Find a New Software Development Partner

An explosion in the demand for outsourced software development has left plenty of room for companies who do not really belong in the business to grow and expand. Unfortunately, clients are the ones who suffer when such companies don’t match up. So what does a client do when it’s time to find a new software development partner? Sometimes it can feel like rolling the dice.

The first thing to know is that good outsourcing partners are out there. Just as in any other industry, there are some software development firms that are so good they are in a completely different league. You may have to search for them, but they are out there.

The second thing to note is that the emerging nearshore software development industry is a good place to start looking. Nearshore providers like Austin-based iTexico are changing the way clients think about outsourcing their software projects. A good nearshore provider brings cost-effectiveness and efficiency to the table without sacrificing quality.

Assessing Project Scope

Reality dictates that clients do not think about finding a new development partner until they run into trouble on a current project. They are then left with trying to pick up the pieces of what is already broken while anticipating projects coming down the road. Decision makers need to step back and ask themselves, “what is the scope of our projects?”

Understanding the kinds of software projects that a client normally outsources will help steer that client’s search for a new provider. For example, a company frequently contracting out mobile app development would look to find a domestic or nearshore software developer with teams specializing in mobile technologies.

Talking Things Over

Another crucial element of switching development partners is talking things over. It is a mistake to think that senior management alone has all the necessary insight to find a new partner without any input from middle management, department heads, and some of the actual IT staff routinely involved in software projects.

Finding a new partner certainly does not require an endless volume of meetings that stretches out for months at a time. But it does require that everyone affected by the move has a voice. Senior management needs to know what goes on in the trenches if they truly want to make a wise decision.

Working in a Seamless Transition

Perhaps the most difficult part of switching to a new software development partner is making the actual transition. For example, switching from a domestic provider to a new nearshore software development firm may require some interaction between the two firms along the way. It may require that the client act as a mediator of sorts to ensure that the transition is seamless.

Transitioning from one provider the next is fraught with problems related to miscommunication, different ways of doing things, and even an unwillingness to cooperate in some situations. During the transition is when management and IT staff really have to be on their toes.

Make It Worthwhile

That moment it becomes apparent that your current software development partner is not getting it done is the same moment you need to start thinking about finding a new one. Whether that means a nearshore developer or a domestic partner across the state, management should do their best to make sure making the switch is worthwhile.

Switching means doing a lot of research to find the right partner. It means asking questions, networking with different companies, and taking advantage of any and all industry connections. Done right, it could be the best decision for a company and its software development goals.


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