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Where Should You Keep Your Strongest Pepper Spray For Easy Access?

Where Should You Keep Your Strongest Pepper Spray For Easy Access?

You just lose the fear of using a pepper spray, since you have the right to defend yourself. In most people, the use of pepper spray, also known as spray defense, is frightening, and they are restrained by the fact that, by the mere fact of carrying it, they have the possibility of having to use it, but I want to give you a radical change to this concept that you have a defense spray with you that gives you the opportunity to defend yourself, but you have to know how to use your strongest pepper without any fear.

In general, it is an aluminum spray bottle that contains a chemical compound with which you can defend yourself when you feel at risk, to defend your life, your belongings or what is even more important and irreplaceable, the life of your family.

A key factor, even before going into detail on how to use the strongest pepper spray, is where to keep it with you, determining to be able to give effective use to the self-defense sprays.

Imagine being assaulted in the middle of the street, you carry your strongest pepper spray in your bag, but you cannot find it. The nerves and the pulse are triggered in situations of stress, and we must take it into account when we prepare our plan of using the pepper spray. It is a very important point to consider when we imagine how it is going to be the scene in which we are going to find out when we need to use our defense weapon.

I always advise you to have it as one more element to review when you leave the house, just like we always check keys and wallet, add the pepper spray as one of those indispensable items, because you never know when you will need it. You are supposed to keep your strongest pepper spray in an easy to access place such as the following;


I consider the side pocket the best place to keep it. The pocket of the pants is a site that we have very close, and it is very fast to be able to get your strongest pepper spray in case of emergency and also always have it located, we always know where it is.

Bag or Backpack

The bag is not one of my favorite places, as it mixes and confuses with the rest of the things that we carry, and we are going to lose a few decisive seconds in finding it. Although in many bags, you have a small side pocket, either inside or outside, but if we have too much of other things, it can be used to perfection to have it accessible in case you have to take it out.

Important Steps to Use Your Hottest Pepper Spray


  • You should always carry pepper spray with you in a convenient place, such as in the pocket of your pants, the bag of the jacket, in your belt or along with your keys.
  • Do not store it in some compartment of your wallet or another place where you can waste valuable time trying to find it.
  • Use some phrase to distract the attacker while you reach to your hottest pepper spray without coming into the notice of your attacker.
  • Raise the bottle of your hottest pepper spray at least 6 inches in front of your body, turn the safety switch to your right and target the attacker’s face.
  • Point toward the face of the attacker or the eyes, then shoot moving somewhere. The attacker will unintentionally take his hands to his face to rub his eyes allowing him to shake any weapon in his hands or fall to the ground.
  • You can sprinkle a second time to free yourself or run. The hottest pepper spray takes a few seconds to take the full effect, so do not shoot too fast between each shot.
  • It will disable an attacker for around 30-45 minutes without any permanent damage.
  • Even after spraying on the aggressor, it is not a good idea to stand there. Look for a safe place instead of standing there and staring at the attacker.
  • Compared to other weapons that require close proximity to the attacker, the hottest pepper spray will disable an aggressor within a few meters, which minimizes the risk and contact with you.


You should not overdo the use of your hottest pepper spray with a few seconds which will be more than enough. Shooting too much and with the aggressor very close can affect even you.

One last key point is a factor that a few take into account when using the hottest pepper spray and it is wind, which can become your enemy. If the wind blows giving you in the back, there is no problem, and it will even help you. But if the wind blows giving you in the face with force or moderate force, never use the hottest pepper spray, since it is possible that if the pressure of the spray is not enough or if it is very volatile, it ends up turning against you. If you notice that the wind is going to be a problem, move around in a circle distracting your attacker until you feel that you are in favorable direction of the wind.


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