Which Bissell Model Of Carpet Cleaner Should I Buy?

Which Bissell Model Of Carpet Cleaner Should I Buy?

Bissell 1200A Handheld Carpet Cleaner

It’s a compact carpet and upholstery cleaning cleaner. Tagged as a pet hands-free compact deep cleaner, it uses two water tanks to tackle small pet accidents or spills. The overall product quality is commendable and well worth its price tag. It delivers as a handheld carpet spot cleaner, eliminating pet spills with ease and thought to be indelible stains. It is a highly recommended machine for the pet owners who are looking for a handheld carpet cleaner.

It utilizes a two tank system for trapping and keeping the dirty water away from the water or cleaning solution tank. It comes with three cleaning attachments for the upholstery and stairs. It features the spinning brushes on the handheld cleaning attachment, and it also comes with two cleaning cycles as surface or set-in stains. It is available with one-year warranty.

The users give rave reviews about the product quality overall. But all user reviews highlight the exceptional ability for the SpotBot to get rid of the pet stains with ease, leaving no visual reside behind. The users do not stop raving about its performance at the pet accidents, and they also say that it cleans the carpets from coffee, pet vomit and other pet spills.

All of the users are eager to recommend this product to other users and it is quite easy to see why they recommend it. It pays for itself in no time, especially if you have multiple pet accidents. The only drawback is that the cleaning solution it uses is quite expensive. Please, visit Comparoid to learn more about Bissell carpet cleaners.

Bissell 1770 Carpet Cleaner

It is a lightweight upright steam carpet cleaner with looks that match the heavy-duty carpet cleaners. Yet this one uses the gyrations of the brushes to clean rather than a steamer. It is attractive in price, but cannot match the performance of other machines in the same price range. It performs well on spots that aren’t large or in bedded, yet it performs weak on high-traffic areas.

Weighing 12 pounds, it’s a lightweight steam carpet cleaner perfect for households. It has 6 rows of brushes for loosening and removing embedded dirt, while working. It can work the most high-traffic problem areas with a 20-foot cord. It also includes 16-ounce container of multi-allergen cleaning formula and 8-ounce booster cleaning formula.

A few users complain that this carpet cleaner isn’t a carpet steam cleaner after all, since the water is only as hot as your faucet lets you. The machine does not heat or steam the water in any way. Forgetting the fact that the title of QuickSteamer is misleading, it doesn’t offset this with good performance.


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