Who can become a real estate agent in Dubai?

Who can become a real estate agent in Dubai?

Who can become a real estate agent in Dubai? This is an extremely regulated thing, thanks to efforts by government of Dubai. Real estate agents dealing in Dubai are also called brokers and related Departments, including Real Estate Regulation Agency, maintain the list of certified brokers. RERA and Dubai government put efforts to regulate registration process of brokers and give licenses to them, is one of the important steps to create transparency and safeguarding all the involved parties to transact safely in any kind properties.

In general, Dubai registered brokers fall in 2 broad classes:

Class A – Mostly local United Arab Emirates nationals who led growth in Dubai and they are exempted from other registration eligibilities by power of Chairmen. Their names are entered in Register of brokers’ record at Real Estate Regulation Agency with the evidence of certification by Chairman.

Class B – Organizations and individuals, both non-local and local, who fulfill eligibility requirements of broker’s license as well as hold a license issued.

Eligibility Requirements to Become Real Estate Agent in Dubai

  • Dealing in Dubai real estate as licensed under Class B registration, both local and international applicants need to fulfill these minimum criteria for eligibility 
  • Passing real estate profession test which is conducted by Land Department
  • Must be graduate from real estate course accredited by Land Department.
  • Proof that none of the directors or owners of applicant had declared bankrupt or convicted a crime involving breach of trust in the past
  • Membership of Chamber of Commerce and industry
  • Obtain valid lease or ownership for brokerage office
  • Obtain valid license of trade from authorities
  • Everyone working under brokerage firm or as a broker, need individual registration with authorities and is issued ID card with RERA license.

Registering As Real Estate Brokers Operating Outside Dubai

It is important for person operating outside Dubai dealing with properties in Dubai (in free zones or offshore) cannot be registered in any broker’s Register. But developer or owners association management companies in Dubai that are registered broker can get special permit for person outside the region by fulfilling these requirements.

  • They need to supply their accreditation from government certified and attestation in a format acceptable format.
  • A formal agreement between agent and developer and copy submitted before authorities.
  • Undertaking to be completely liable for the acts of external agent
  • Company profile of external agent with attested copies of passports
  • Proof of residency of all directors of external company

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