Why Do People Select To Live In A Log House?

Why Do People Select To Live In A Log House?

When we her about log houses, the ultimate question in mind is that why people prefer in a log house, if it is just a trend or it a practical way of life. Maybe, the answer is that a log housefills the requirementsas well as the expectations about a comfortable home as much or more than a house made with bricks and cement. Everyone has their own causes to prefera log house. I have found a few of them which I will share with you in this post, so let’s see what they are;

  • A log house, being lighter than those of brick and cement, does not require deep foundations, and it’s the cause why they don’t require works of great scope.
  • Log construction is coherent with modern necessities of health and hygiene and they constitute an excellent thermal insulation. They are cool in summer time and they are warm in winter time. The thickness of the walls may vary depending on the weather conditions of the chosen location.
  • Internal surfaces always maintain the temperature, similar to the environment inside the house, and it is something very important to have the comfort in cold season. Both walls, floors and ceilings can be clad in the natural materials to better maintain that warm atmosphere. In addition, it is much easier and faster to heat a log house.
  • Wood doesn’t accumulate electrostatic charge, which constitutes a source of the electromagnetic radiation, and which, in addition to being harmful to health, attracts dust and facilitate its accumulation. They maintain better humidity of the air and do not need an air conditioner for the reason that the house itself breathes.
  • It is beautiful and rich in colors as well as textures and that is why log houses don’t need much expense in terms of the decoration.
  • A log house is integrated much better with landscape and natural settings.
  • Wood is highly resistant material and can remain functional for two hundred years if cared properly.
  • A disadvantage is thelow fire resistance and biological degradation, but the treated wood improves its resistance quality and can lengthen the overall life expectancy of the wood used in making of the log house.
  • Moisture is the nastiest threat and this issue can be solved by treating the materials.

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