Why Does The Air Conditioner Freeze Up?

Why Does The Air Conditioner Freeze Up?

Air conditioning freezing is a very common problem that affects tens of thousands of devise every year. This problem is reflected directly in the productivity of employees of various companies, as well as the comfort of your home, just when you need it most. Many people immediately think that air conditioning has been frozen due to a gas leak, but sometimes the reason is not that.

There are several reasons why your device can stop cool air or even stop. One of them is freezing, which in most cases, is caused by something that impedes the flow of air. Other causes that can cause split air conditioning to freeze are dirt, temperature changes and even problems with the engine.

Here I explain the main causes why the air conditioning freezes up and how to solve this problem. When these symptoms appear, it is advisable to follow the instructions given below.

Low Ambient Temperature

The outside temperature may cause refrigerant lines to freeze up. Air conditioners are not designed to operate at temperatures below than 15 degree Celsius, although depending on the brand, it may vary.

If the outside temperature is too low, the temperature/pressure ratio may be affected.

When the outdoor temperature drops, the temperature of the cooling system also drops and the evaporator coil of the air condition can freeze up.

The result is that the battery of the evaporator starts producing ice and this problem takes place more frequently in the weathers of autumn and winter.

When this problem occurs, you are supposed to try to place the air conditioner in the ventilation position for the reason that this will start to remove the ice.

Dirty Air Filters

Another major cause of freezing air conditioning is that the filters have got dirty over time, so it is highly recommend that you clean or replace the air filters on a frequent basis. If the clearing is not done on time, the air conditioner will not be able to operate in a proper way and it will surely cause it to freeze up. The same thing can happen if the evaporator battery is dirty.

Dirty or Clogged Battery

If you notice that the air conditioner is freezing up, check out the battery and means that it is time to do a regular maintenance of the equipment. For this, the preventive maintenance is advisable once a year at least.

Clean the battery and remove accumulated dirt in the unit as it is necessary that this work is carried out by a qualified company, sending a qualified technician to carry out this maintenance.

The Dirty or Clogged Condenser Battery

The condenser battery is installed in the outdoor unit. The task of the condenser battery is to dissipate the heat being removed from your living room, bedroom or office. Like the evaporator battery, it must also be cleaned. If the condenser battery is not regularly cleaned, an airflow obstruction could burn the compressor, dramatically increasing the cost of corrective maintenance.

To prevent this, it is advisable to perform an annual maintenance because the low air flow affects the entire machine. It can happen that the efficiency of the compressor and lower temperature/pressure is affected.

Lack of Refrigerant Charge

The proper refrigerant charge is essential for the perfect functioning of the equipment. If it is too high or too low, the unit will have to work harder to circulate the air and it can cause the air conditioner to freeze up.

If the equipment continues to run without gas due to possible leakage, the equipment may stop working completely, causing irreparable defects in the compressor. Finally, you will have to replace it which increases the cost of corrective maintenance.

Stopped Fan Motor

When the evaporator fan motor or condenser is in trouble, it does not work properly and can also cause the unit to freeze up as the cold air does not circulate. Again this defect can only be corrected by a specialized company such as abelonsite.com.

More Than Required Power

If your air conditioner has more power than it needs for the medium being heated, it may happen that it freezes. The large appliances often leave too much moisture in the air and turn on and off too often. This is a less common cause of freezing but before buying your air conditioning, the right thing is to check that the power is ideal for your environment, your office, meeting room or house.


Now I am going to present a basic solutions to finally solve the problem of air conditioner freezing.

Turn Unit Off to Avoid Short Circuits

Alternatively, place a container under the evaporator unit to avoid wetting the medium. After defrosting, dry the evaporation unit with a cloth and let it out for a few hours until it is completely dry.

While the device usually comes prepared to ice accumulation, you should make sure that once everything is thawed, completely dry it so that there is no electrical problem. Another option is to notify a professional.

If the filters are dirty, you can repair them yourself.

Change or clean the filters of your air conditioner every 6 months during the heat season or once a year at the time in the cold months.


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