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Why Several Countries Have Banned YouTube?

Why Several Countries Have Banned YouTube?

No doubt, YouTube is a most popular website that is used by billion of people on a daily basis to watch a different type of content that may include comedy, documentary, political programs, religious stuff, art and so on. YouTube also provide the service to upload your own videos that can be watched worldwide.

Is Youtube Ban Favorable?

Unluckily, there are various countries in which YouTube is blocked and people of such countries are deprived of getting benefit from YouTube stuff as it is not the matter of time pass, there is the wide range of knowledge which is provided on this website that belongs to various countries and different school of thoughts and covers almost every field and people can increase their knowledge in their respective field through getting access this site.

YouTube is Ban in Various Countries

The blockage of YouTube is varying from country to country which includes China, Pakistan, Syria, Iran etc. There are some countries in which this site is blocked completely while in other countries it is banned either for a short time period or for a long duration. Moreover, there are some countries in which this website is accessible but any particular video access is banned or at times the whole site is blocked due to any specific video.

Reasons for Banning YouTube

1 – To Avoid Social or Political Unrest

YouTube is the platform where every person is free to share his/her opinion that may be about politics, societal issue or so on. So in during the phase of elections or because of forthcoming political anniversaries, the politicians preferred to ban this website for the limited time period so that they would remain safe from any political criticism and also public would not create any turbulence.

2 – Criticism Prevention

People are very responsive regarding religion and politics. These two things are enough to create chaos when opponents are there. There are many terrible incidents have taken place in past because of severe criticism from various parties that may have any religious concerns or belongs to any political party. So the website is blocked in many countries to keep people away from any kind of condemnation about the head of state, belief or politics.

3 – National Laws Violation

Many countries are very protective of their ethical values and also don’t give their people much freedom to violate the rules. And there are certain videos that are meant to break the rules or not followed the ethical values so YouTube is banned in order to avoid this disobedience.

4 – Youth Security

There are many videos are uploaded which are not appropriate for the people under 18 and it is important to ban such stuff to keep the youth safe and focused on their goals.

5 – Lessen Disruption

YouTube also provide a vast amount of entertaining stuff and it is one of the big sources to distract the people who are at a job and even the students. So the prohibition of this website is helpful to make people more efficient in their work.

The people who are facing trouble in getting access to YouTube, the proxy made it possible for them. A proxy site is a compatible tool for all kind of videos because server of this tool is circulated around the world so it can easily give you the access to any restricted site. Moreover, this tool is designed in a way that protects the identity as well as the privacy of the user and defends from any kind of hacker side.

Proxy Principle

The user actual location, browser, and even IP address is protected by proxy. This site is easily obtainable and there is no any complicated system to deal with this site. One can get access to it through simply mentioning its URL on the text bar of the homepage and by clicking go button, the site will unlock within few seconds.

Why is Proxy Valuable?

YouTube is not a source of entertainment only, it also provides stuff based on knowledge and it is very important to have an access to this site as it gives the latest information. People remain updated by using this website on daily basis and enhance their knowledge. In those countries, where YouTube is banned, so in order to unblock this site, the proxy tool is very helpful which can unlock the site without any long-term process and there is also no need for any software installation.

Proxy is Simple Tool.

People of any age group can use a proxy to unlock the sites because this is a very simple mechanism and also very cheaper, in fact, it is better to say it is free of cost. So anyone can get access to desirable video without any expenditure. Another benefit of proxy is that it is very efficient and provides preferred videos within a very small amount of time.

Proxy is Functional Anywhere.

People of any region are able to get benefited with the proxy services. Students in schools want to search video lectures relevant to their course and the people at home wants to upload their videos or want to search any kind of video, and if YouTube is restricted, they can use a proxy to get desirable results. This tool is not restricted within certain boundaries. There are no limits of time management and location to use it. It is capable of providing services anytime and anywhere. The countries where YouTube is blocked for some days or for the unlimited time period, the people of such regions can use the proxy without any trouble to watch videos on YouTube.

Now know that there are many different ways through which you can access the content on YouTube. You can access the site by the help of an online site, or by downloading any extra extension, or on the other hand you can do it by the help of any other software.

YouTube unblock site is what you need as it’s the best and easiest way to access YouTube.


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