Why Should You Consider The City Of Sunny Isles Beach For Real Estate Investment?

Why Should You Consider The City Of Sunny Isles Beach For Real Estate Investment?

Surrounding by the Atlantic Ocean, it is the prestigious city of Sunny Isles Beach, a place of tall and luxurious skyscrapers that give a very exclusive life to its residents. It is an area with millionaire investments in residential buildings and hotels for its prestigious location.

The large architectural firms have built in Sunny Isles. It is located just 5 minutes from the famous city of Aventura and the Adventure Mall. Elegance, prestige and comfort will be your neighbors when you acquire your residence in this city. Sunny Isles Beach, originally a part of Miami Beach, became an autonomous city in 1997.

Sunny Isles Beach is internationally known as the City of the Sun and the Sea. It is located on an island in the north area of Miami-Dade County, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the east, the Intercontinental Road to the west.

Downtown Miami and Fort Lauderdale are the main places where people find recreational activities, business centers, entertainment and many tourist attractions. Almost a million people visit Sunny Isles Beach every year to enjoy the 2-mile-long fine sandy beaches along with outdoor facilities.

Sailing, fishing and water sports among other activities can be found easily as well as fine cuisine and shopping at the Adventure Business, Bayside Market, Sawgrass Mills Mall and more. The city has six parks that have been created for residents and visitors to rest, read, have a picnic, jog, walk or just sit and breathe. Its parks also provide recreational programs for all ages.

Beach is mainly related to residential condominium constructions. The upscale residential oceanfront developments are highly acclaimed by those who live in the trendy area of Como and Sunny Isles and do not bother to spend a lot of money. The statistics show a very stable number of young families who buy units to live in Sunny Isles Beach. This is a good option for those who want to feel the magic of an oceanfront home or a luxury condominium with the view that the ocean can provide.

From the long row of obsolete, ocean-side hotels dating back to the 1950s and the glory days of Miami Beach, there are only a few vestiges left. They have been replaced by sumptuous buildings, among the most luxurious in the entire Miami area. In record time, a multitude of oceanfront apartments, many of which with millionaire values, trendy boutiques, upscale cafes and restaurants, have made Sunny Isles Beach one of South Florida’s most sophisticated and coveted destinations.


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