Why Should You Prefer LED Grow Lights Over Other Lighting Options?

Why Should You Prefer LED Grow Lights Over Other Lighting Options?

Close all holes and cracks! It is very important that your growing room is protected from outside light. The duration of the night is very important, so use a timer to regulate this cycle. During the first phase of the plant, the growth phase, needs a short night of 6 hours. When we increase the duration of night to 12 hours, the second phase will begin, is the phase of flowering. We call this mechanism photoperiod.

LED grow light differs from traditional high-pressure Sodium luminaires, Metal halide, Fluorescent and compact fluorescent type Agrolite or domestic in many things, but the most important is energy and light effectiveness.

While HPS or MH lamps only use 10% and CFL over 50% of energy expenditure in creating the required light, an LED grow light has a 90% effectiveness and this allows a much higher wattage performance than other luminaires and to put much less power up to 3 times less with a similar performance.

Another advantage of LED grow lights over others is that by choosing the range of spectra, you can eliminate those not used by the plant and even strengthen or weaken the spectra to your liking. With this you can achieve extremely high efficiency, and no energy is thrown in the form of heat or unusable light. You can the best growing lights at thereviewgurus.com.

Growth or Flowering Spectra

Plants according to their vital stage have light needs, and here you will see what they need in each period.

In growth, it is where LED grow lights take the lead and in this section have no rival. With 100/120W per square meter (m2), the performance is similar to a 400W MH or HPS and the growth indoor is the one that is 18H every day on.

The growth spectrum that is usually used is blue, while some growers even use this color only during growth, although I think it has been proven that the plants need all colors although the amount of these varies according to the stage of plant. For example, the red light helps to create branches. The most recommended spectrum according to my criteria is 50% blue, 25% red, 15% deep red and 10% yellow lights. Each manufacturer has its configuration. Many growers opt for LED grow lights with white light as white LEDs are the most used in all the fields of lighting, and therefore they are the most developed and powerful, possibly gain light effectiveness, but you risk losing the immunity you are given to the specters of colors against the insects, but the cultivator has the last word.

The quality of the plant determines the quality of the indoor cultivation, and the quality of light determines the quality of the plant. Here I present you with a full review to inform you about the best LED grow light you should buy this time.

Advanced Platinum Series DS400 600 Watt LED light works best as a vegetable and flower growth stimulant and control of the flowering cycle using an 11 spectral bands to make sure that the maximum growth of the plants is possible. It has the shape of a rectangle and can be very easily installed even by the laymen users in the desired indoor gardening room in the house. It also has four fans as well which help in the regulation of the temperature throughout the working hours for long. The rectangular display is bound to be about the 8 inches hanging on the plant surface, thereby, making Advanced Platinum Series DS400 600 Watt LED light’s transmission capability of high quality.

Wrapped in a white shell, LEDs themselves are quite little in size and it allows the manufacturers to place their orders in each of 11 LEDs. Just like any LED array, this high-end product is a great combination of a variety of different LED light spectrums. This extensive variance in the light’s wavelength is the measure to make sure that it can produce light quality to meet the evolving requirements of the plants in the indoor garden. The plants requires a wide-ranging spectrum of light so as to enable the proper process of photosynthesis. This LED grow light throws the LED light as ultraviolet as well as infrared. The band spreads from the wavelength of 380 nm to 760 nm ultraviolet to the infrared in order to complete the sequence which is 60 and 90 degrees lens and lay the focus in order to channelize lighting in an optimal way for the appropriate growth of the plants.

The manufacturer has made aiming to raise the spirits of the new users of LED grow lights so that they can use it with confidence and do not fear for the loss of their money. Therefore, there is a trial period offered for 90 days. In this trial period, the user can very clearly make a decision if he/she should continue using it or send it back. For more details and purchase link of Advanced Platinum Series, you are requested to visit Review Gurus.


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