Why Should You Seal The Granite Counters?

Why Should You Seal The Granite Counters?

Opting for granite counters is an investment that requires care. Granite stones make beautiful surfaces and add to the value of your home. They are an upgrade to your home, but they come with a cost. Everyday household items could damage these surfaces and improper care can lead to losing that polished look. Acidic foods and beverages such as wine, juices, fruits, and cooking oils can permanently stain and damage your stone. Many cleaners such as bleach, common kitchen cleaners, abrasive cleaners can also do damage to stone by discoloring or etching your stone.  Water can soak into the stone and leave water marks. Even using mild ammonia products will deteriorate the sealant that is applied to the stone. Stains are often permanent and are either very expensive to replace or you can just stare at them for a very long time.

Using a granite sealer is recommended by many experts in order to reduce the risks of damages to the surface. The seal creates a barrier on the surface of the stone that greatly reduces the ability of liquids to penetrate it. Due to the nature of the stone, it needs exposure to oxygen. Good products reduce the size of the stone‚Äôs pores at a microscopic level.  With proper sealants, fluids absorption will be greatly impacted while still allowing the stone to connect with the air. The use of a sealant greatly reduces your risk of damage but basic care is still needed. Spills should be blotted up immediately and only pH balanced stone cleaners should be used.

Many fabricators and installers recommend using granite sealer once a year. Some state that a granite sealer lasting up to a 15 years is applied. The porosity of your stone, the amount of daily use, and general care techniques really impact these timelines. Whether you have newly installed granite or you have had it for years, it is really important to apply a high quality sealant on an annual basis to your counters in order to protect your investment.

Keeping that polished look on you stone is often difficult. Over time, they can start to look dull and start to feel gritty. Whatever is on your surface when you seal them can often be trapped onto the stone by the sealant. A thorough cleaning is necessary before sealing. Once sealed with the top granite sealer, they can be cleaned more easily and that polished look is easier to maintain. The process can be very time consuming but your expensive investment should look its best.


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