Why to Choose Ebay Customer Service Outsourcing?

Why to Choose Ebay Customer Service Outsourcing?

If you have an online business, and you are willing to give the best to your customers, it is important that you must choose a customer outsourcing that can satisfy your customers and can provide them with the best services, no doubt at all when your customers will get the best response and attitude from your side, you will see an increase in your business.

Now if you are looking for such service, choosing the eBay customer service outsourcing is the best option you can choose, here are some basic features that will make you and your clients happy at the same time, so let’s see what these features are.

With the help of eBay customer service outsourcing, you can have the perfect power through which you can deal with your customers in the best way.

The skills

Customers love when they are dealt with care and respect and eBay customer service outsourcers take care of all this. You don’t have to worry as the professionals know how they have to treat the customers even in extreme conditions. They know everything about your business online business, so it can be easier for your customers to make them understand what they want.


Workers working for you are especially trained in a way where they have to be polite in every condition, so either if it is a small enquiry or a problem that is more than upsetting, these workers will serve in the best manner. You will get the option to treat your customers 24/7. This will surely give a great effect of positivity on your customers.

Email Response

When you are attached with an eBay customer outsourcing firm, you know that you can easily respond back to your customers via email, as it can be daily email enquiries, some notifications, or even support emails and all will be handled in the best way possible.


When you are attached with them, you will get the advantage that your customers can rate this service, and in this manner you can have two benefits, one you can ask them to improve the service, and you will also know what the customers are thinking of this service.

Dispute Handling

People working in eBay customer service outsourcing firms are perfect in order to handle situations that are more than complex as they are perfect and calm when it comes to handling these situations. You can completely rely on them in order to maintain the positive vibes about your business. So do not worry as eBay customer service outsourcing companies will help you in complete matters and make your business even better for you.

We begin with the term outsourcing which means an offshore service provider that deals with handling of customer emails, enquiries, calls, etc. It is a combination of online, mobile and landline communications that facilitates the customers while shedding the burden of the product providers. Customer service includes a number of tasks that help in assisting buyers regarding the use of the product and also addressing quality issues. EBay is an e-commerce site that also provides customer outsourcing facility to different businesses. EBay provides a solution for businesses that are burdened with daily operations dealing with the customers.

EBay employ workers in countries like India and Philippines, which deal with customer support, dispute handling and email correspondence along with call handling. Hiring eBay customer service outsourcing can help in adding value to your business. Customer service outsourcing can help businesses that do not specialize in customer interaction, while also helping those companies that cannot spare manpower for customer care. EBay provides creative individuals that are highly specialized in handling customer queries while have great interpersonal skills as well. There are two types of outsourcing that eBay customer service outsourcing provides, one consists of employees working under the same roof while the second consists of individuals that work from home under a remote access site. These employees have a deep understanding of the company operations and procedures and can handle any situation very efficiently.

Initially eBay employed this strategy to achieve a competitive edge in the market, but it served additional purposes too. They identified the need that businesses face the problem of lack of connection between the customer and the sellers, to get an edge in the market eBay had to be best at this task. The creative heads suggested customer service outsourcing, for this more knowledge about both the buyers and sellers was needed effectively, providing the companies value for their money.

90% of the customer service comprises email based inquiries. EBay previously used the Kana email management system that decreased the response time to 10-15 emails per hour. Firstly, the company outsourced in US but later transferred to India. This was done mainly because email unit cost in India is half of that in the US.Now, the site sends direct correspondence to off shore centers where they are dealt with. The outsourcing heads receive detailed daily reports and evaluations from these off shore centers.

The site handles three types of queries;

  • The basic support type
  • The complex support type
  • Flexible complex type

The outsourced centers now deal with A and B while the complex questions/problems that need input of the correspondent is dealt by the headquarters in the US. This not only saves a lot of money but guarantees efficient customer care. Hence, eBay has the capacity to efficiently maintain equilibrium between scarce resources and increasing wants, this quality goes a long way in ensuring maximum organizational operation and successful performance of different companies. If you are willing to get best, you must choose eBay customer service outsourcing.


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