Why to Get Ice Chest on Wheels?

Why to Get Ice Chest on Wheels?

Are you planning for a picnic? A long trip? Maybe a day at the park or a ball game? Consider the ice chest on wheels as your travel companion. The larger size ice chests come in an array of colors and styles, with thick insulation to keep iced beverages cold for up to 5 days. They are available in Gatorade Orange, Coleman Icey Blue and White, or Igloo Ice Blue and White, the coolers come in sizes through 55, 60, 70 and 100 quarts.

These ice chests will hold a lot of soda and a lot of food. Ice packs are recommended over ice, because the sharp edges of ice can actually cut the interior insulation. The insulation is advertised as thick, up to 2 inches. It is protected by plastic interior lining that theoretically could be cut and then allow water to wet the insulation, causing stinky mold and mildew. The plastic actually wipes out clean with soap and water, which makes it convenient.

For workers on the go to and from construction sites, coolers that include a fast flow faucet can be filled with ice and lemonade to quench the thirst on a hot summer afternoon. Cups are not included, but recommended unless someone wants the men drinking straight out of the spigot. They probably wouldn’t complain, just as long as their drink is cold.

Heavy duty wheels allow larger coolers to be rolled around and actually function as a cart. When the coolers are filled with up to nearly 100 cans of soda and ice, you probably won’t want to carry them. Extendable legs and a fold down pull handle allow some models to be pulled along and then set up off the floor. At expos, these are great for keeping drinks cool through the day at a trade show or similar event. At sporting games, the only bells and whistles that are probably necessary are bottle top openers that are included on some models. These will not only open the bottle, but catch the bottle lid, much like old time pop bottle openers that were installed on every horizontal refrigerated soda machine located in every corner mom and pop shop across America.

For the party goers who bring the ice chests full of ice and want the bigger sized one, there are extra-large ice chests on wheels for trundling that ice chest full of ice and beverages to the beach. The wheeled ice chests work only moderately well on the loose sand. Now visit thereviewgurus.com to see the best options available for ice chests on wheels.


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