12 Quick Tips to Buy the Best Wood Fillers

12 Quick Tips to Buy the Best Wood Fillers

Before buying wood fillers, make sure you are clear about your problem. Your problem can be crack, hole and small or large gap. In markets you will find different brands of wood fillings and it is good if you consult with the seller and clear your problem with him or her. If you have enough information, it is better to go and choose it yourself.

  1. Following tips can help you in choosing best product for your problem fixing. 
  2. If there are small holes or gaps in your furniture, use water- based wood or vinyl spackling compound.
  3. If there are large holes, gaps or cracks go for auto gap fillers.
  4. Make sure you are choosing wood filler for interior furniture or for exterior furniture because wood fillers which are used for interior furniture are different from exterior.
  5. Some brands of wood filler have shrinking feature so when you are using these brands use extra filler in the gaps, holes or cracks and when they get dry sand them.
  6. You can paint your furniture once their imperfections are filled.
  7. If you want to stain your furniture go for stainable wood fillers.
  8. You can paint or stain you furniture after when you fills the imprecations of furniture and sands them.
  9. Choose fillers which are same in color with your furniture.
  10. Basically there are two types of stainable wood fillers one are water based stain fillers which are easy in cleaning and others are oil based  fillers which are messy and took time in cleaning. In stain wood filings oil based stains have great looks and are durable in comparison of water based stains.
  11. Shellac sticks can be used for filling of holes on wood. These are wax strips melted with a soldering iron. When you are using it make sure after filing the gaps or holes remove extra wax from the surface of hole by chisel and when wax gets cooled use sandpaper for smoothing of surfaces.
  12. Some wood makers make their own wood fillers. So if you are having difficulty in finding a perfect match, then you can go for this option too but for it, you have to consult with a wood maker. If you have wood making skills, then you can better know how to cope with this problem.

Wood fillers are great need of today; you can see wood furniture not only in homes but in commercial areas too. Wood and furniture making industries use different brands of wood fillers for their items fixing. Companies prefer following some wood fillers in repairing or finishing off their items.

1 – Elmer’s Carpenter’s Color Change Wood Filler

This filler is usable for fixing of holes, scratches, gouges and other interior furniture. It is stainable and for interior use. It comes in purple color when it is applied to the required item its color is purple when it gets dry it changes its color from purple to white. It is sandable and paintable. Its net weight is 16 ounce. This filler is non-toxic in nature and applicable on light dyes.

2 – 3 M Bondo Home Solution Wood Filler

This filler is good for interior and exterior furniture or wood repairing. It is good for fixing furniture, doors, windows, decks, garages, wood floors, cabinets and others.  This filler is high in quality and has long lasting results. There is no shrinking ability in it and it is stainable and paintable. This filler comes in mid-brown color with the feature of fixing any type of wood.

3 – Dap 21506 Plastic Wood Filler

This filler is solvent-based filler in nature. It has the ability to look like real wood when it is dried. It is stainable and can be painted but besides that it can be sanded, cut, planed, and drilled. It has high-performance features. This wood filler is for indoor and outdoor furniture. It comes with 5.3-ounce weight in the market.

4 – Carpenter Wood Filler E849D8

This product is good for scratches, holes, dents, gouges on wood but it is also applicable to metals, painted items, wall boards and so on. It works well only for indoor wood projects; it is water clean-up filler with one pound weight.

5 – J-B Weld 8251 Wood Weld

This product works for interior and exterior wood items, it is also good for doors, windows, decks. It is the two-part epoxy system with 1: 1 mixing ratio. It follows four steps for complete results preparing, mixing, applying and drying. It has strong bonding nature and is works short spin of time.

These are the top wood filler reviews and I hope that you will make the best decision having read them now when you buy the next wood filler.


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