What is Premixed Grout?

What is Premixed Grout?

One can get a pure uniform and professional look by the appropriate use of premixed grout that is perfect in color.  These grouts are available in premixed bags that give you the opportunity of mixing the premixed grout at home with water before applying. Grout dye is available in markets that can be employed to use so that you can change the color of premixed grout. One should have a proper color sense before experimenting on premixed grout. Generally, adding a dye works wonderful if you add a dark base for darker colors and light base for light colors.

If you are interested in changing the color of the premixed grout, you are required to have certain things. These include premixed grout, plastic container or tub, grout dye, paint stirrer or spoon with which you can stir, trowel and some water.

To proceed with the process, you are first required to select grout dye and premixed grout. To have a dye resulting in brighter and lighter colors, you are required to have light colored premixed grout. Grout dye and grout are easily available at home improvement stores. Liquid form and powder form are two forms in which grout dye is available.

You are then required to have a large container. Pour the premixed grout into a large container. Container must be large enough that it capacitates within itself all the grout that you are in need of fro the proper accomplishment of your tiling project. Always go for one batch while coloring the premixed grout so that there are no variations in the color.

Then, you have to add powdered dye to the premixed grout in small amounts. You can employ a spoon for this purpose. You should continuously keep on adding the grout until the color that you desire is reached. You can also refer to manufacturer’s instruction while adding the dye.

Then follow the instruction as written by the manufacture. It is always advised that if you are using grout dye that is liquid in form, then, you should try to add premixed grout after water is added. This helps in easier mixing of grout.

Then, use trowel and apply the premixed grout to the tile. To get the grout into each space evenly, you should smooth the grout in opposite direction. Then, wipe away the excess grout and let it stand for curing as would be instructed in user’s manual. Then, you are required to determine if you have achieved your desired color or not. Please, check it out for information about the best grout sealers.


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