How to Hack a WiFi Password?

How to Hack a WiFi Password?

In this era of time, no one can live without internet connection. Everyone wants to connect with their friends or doing any type of work and assignment via internet connection. WiFi is great, accurate and wireless connection of internet. If you have any device which capture the signal of WiFi. You got many WiFi network around you, may be it will your neighbour WiFi, your university or this hotel’s WiFi connection where you’re living. If this type of network bound in security, you’ll get great disappointment. But you don’t need to worry about it. Now there are many tools and methods available here, you can easily hack WiFi password and enjoy fast speed internet easily.

Normally everyone’s WiFi is secured with encryption like WEP or WAP1 or WAP2. There are many type of WiFi password cracker or tools or software available in market.


Aircrack is most famous hacking software which can easily download from any site. It has power to get hack WiFi which has protocol of WEP or WPA2 or have the standard of IEEE 802.11. First of all this type of tool try to capture packet and secondly it tries to recover password of WiFi. If you don’t understand its usage, company will tell you complete tutorial about to install and hack password.


It’s another hacking tool of WiFi password. This famous tool is especially design to recover password of WiFi which build on the protocol of WEP. This tool is free for Linux and window operating system but unfortunately this is temporary tool.


Kismet is free and famous hacking tool which analysis traffic and recover password. It has the great features which helps to hack WiFi password. This hacking tool is available for Linux, OS X and others.


This hacking tool is injecting the packets which analysis network traffic. If you’ve complete knowledge of that WiFi network which is target of your. You can easily hack that by Wireshark because it don’t has the features of decoding.  But great thing is that it is completely free and available in almost all type of operating systems.


This is most famous hacking tool for hacking WiFi password which sorted out data and trying to discover password. It’s completely free but only available on window operating system. The bad thing of this hacking tool is that it can easily captured by admin of WiFi, if they have system of “Wireless Intrusion Detection System”.

Now there is question that after installing one of this type of hacking tool, what should you do? So you just need to follow these steps to hacking WiFi password. This method is compatible for both protocol systems even hard one WPA2.

Step No 1

First you have to get the tools of hacking. For capturing packet, you need to purchase or get wireless card for your system. After that you’ve to download software which called Commview for WiFi. It’s used for adapter or capturing packet also. Now need to download any hacking tool for WiFi password.

Step No 2

Now you need to know about security system of WiFi network means encryption. Either admin using WEP or WPA1 or 2. Hacking WEP is much easy than another encryption.

Step No 3

Now you need to download zip file and install CommView on it and run with extension like setup.exe. You’ll find driver guide, just follow the instructions and click on the “play” icon.

Step No 4

Now this system start scanning WiFi network which captured on your computer easily. It shows many WiFi network on your screen, choose your target one.

Step No 5

Now copy Mac address of target network and paste it in below box. Now its time to saving, go to top tab and clock on auto saving option.

Now you just need to wait for getting password. Make sure you get more information about wifi password hack to get more positive results in your internet security.


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