6 Gifts to Give Your Pregnant Partner on Valentine Day

6 Gifts to Give Your Pregnant Partner on Valentine Day

In pregnancy, perhaps more than at any other time in your relationship, you must keep the romance alive, yet you cannot think what to give to your pregnant partner, so here we offer simple tips to choose gift for Valentine’s Day.

1 – A Single Trip for Two

You and your partner will become parents soon, and time alone will be very little then between you two. So the ultimate time with your partner before the baby arrives in the world is to have a short trip on beginning on Valentine Day. In the United States, it even has a name as babymoon, derived from honeymoon.

2 – Vouchers to Spa or Beauty Salon

These may be the most beautiful nine months of her life, but pregnancy is a little stressful as well for women as she has o remain very cautious all the times. Among physical symptoms, the concerns are about maternity and weight of the belly as a pregnant woman carries more than 25 pounds average increased weight.

Gift vouchers to spas, manicures, pedicures, beauty salons, massage or other relaxing treatment are very appropriate gifts for a pregnant woman. In case your budget does not allow it, you can always do it yourself and it will even be more exciting for her.

3 – A Cleaning

It sounds strange, but this gift can bring tears to the eyes of your beloved pregnant partner. There is no better surprise that the scent of your home is clean and tidy, especially when someone else did all the work! Not only do we give away the surprise, but more time to rest and peace of mind that many of its outstanding tasks were struck off.

You can finish the cleaning with candles, so when she comes through the door, she knows that this is a gift with romantic intention.

4 – Sentimental Gifts

Today we have everything we need as we buy it and it comes with the independence and purchasing power. For pregnant woman who has everything, the sentimental value is greater than expensive physical items.

You need to use your imagination as nature and taste of your wife as it could be a baby ultrasound picture in a frame, to a card where you express how happy you are for becoming a family soon.

5 – Jewelry Commemorative Pregnancy

Jewelry commemorating and celebrating pregnancy or new family is really exciting than an even expensive ring or bracelet. For example, you can search the birthstone of the month of baby, the word mom on a slope or a heart with the baby’s name.

6 – Practical Gifts

Valentine’s Day is all romance and some practical Valentine gifts you can have for your soul mate could be the pillows for entire body to pregnancy books and clothing.


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