7 Ways to Overcome the Fear of Visiting a Dentist

7 Ways to Overcome the Fear of Visiting a Dentist

Fear of visiting the dentist is very more common in a majority of people. There are few people who have spent years without ever going through the dental treatments bearing dental pain and suffering because they are always anxious. It is a vicious circle in which the avoidance of dental treatment leads to a deterioration of dental health, loss of teeth, and this in a sense of guilt and anxiety that reinforces often shame, attitude to avoid going to the dentist.

Possible Reasons of Fear of Visiting a Dentist

In many cases, the following reasons have been o observed;

  • Sharp pain
  • high fees
  • previous bad experiences, especially in case of children
  • being injection for anesthesia
  • uncertainty about what the dentist will do
  • the awkward posture of keeping the mouth open and be examined with many tools

The dentists are well aware of the fear what their patients feel when they go to consultation. But what can the patients themselves do to avoid? The experts make some recommendations in this regard which are as follows as there are different things you can do before going to the dentist.

1 – Identify the Reason of Fear

It is important to reflect on the causes of dental fear and analyze it calmly.

2 –Information

Many times, going to a dental clinic and request information may help to resolve doubts. This gives access to the place where you can go and see how patients leave the office do it with tranquility.

3 – Find a Dentist or Clinic with Confidence

You can ask relatives who regularly visit the dentist and they can recommend one for you and tell you their expertise. You can even visit the clinic before you make an appointment to see if it sparks your confidence. You can talk with the receptionist, request information and explain that feel fear of the dentist.

4 – Request time

The earlier the time of the appointment, there will be fewer opportunities to back out.

5 – Mentally Prepare

Once the decision is made, avoid any source of anxiety or stress. It is best to leave, take a walk and talk with friends about your visit to dentist.

6 – Ask a Friend or Family Member to Come with You

The company by your friends or family reinforces the decision to go to the dentist and provides distraction while waiting.


Fear of visiting a dentist is a very natural phenomenon and the unbearable pain is the last force to face and overcome this fear. However, you have to be strong and visit a dentist regularly to avoid issues in future.


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