Frequently Asked Questions About The Process Of Drug Intervention

Frequently Asked Questions About The Process Of Drug Intervention

How many people need to be involved in the intervention?

Only those who are dedicated to carrying out the tough love to the addict are in denial. The optimal number may be as few as one and as many as want to come to be there and are materially important to the process. The drug intervention can be conducted with only the drug interventionist and the addict present, with family members on the phone. Therefore, it is important to give the interventionist detailed information so that the interventionist can further recommend if there will be a need for addiction treatment or dual diagnosis treatment.

How do I know if the interventionist is the correct one for our loved one?

The drug intervention coordinator works with a roster of highly qualified, experienced interventionists and selects the one based on the call you have with him or her. Later, he or she encourages you to determine whether the selection is appropriate based on how your questions are answered and the instinctive chemistry you feel from your call.

What happens after I select the drug interventionist?

The coordinator will inform the selected interventionist of choice. You will then receive a follow-up call from the interventionist, beginning the process of identifying attendees, location for the event, travel logistics, if needed, and other details of the presentations and discussion format.

When and where does the drug intervention occur?

It occurs at a time and place you determine. Usually, this is between one and three days after your initial call. The attendees will be informed on how to maintain the element of surprise for the addict, which is of the utmost importance. All involved must be prepared to act quickly because saving a life means time is of the essence.

When do we actually get to meet the drug interventionist in person?

He or she will arrive a day early to meet with all attendees to rehearse all parts of the next day’s drug intervention.

What can I expect to happen during the drug intervention?

A lot of openness, rigorous honesty, heartfelt tough love, tears, and hugging. You may also see the addict initially display anger, hostility, resentment, a desire to run away from the group, and emotional distance.

What is the purpose of the drug intervention?

Simply put, to get the addict to become willing to leave the drug intervention and enter detox and rehab immediately, accompanied to the facility by the drug interventionist.

What if the addict hasn’t yet hit bottom?

The drug intervention process is, among other things, a way to bring the bottom to him.

What about the few who do not go into treatment?

There are times when a drug intervention may have to be reassembled the following day or a few days later, generally due to the addict “coming to his senses” once the family’s post-drug intervention consequences are put in place. Some decide later to come into treatment without those consequences forcing them to do so.

What does it mean when a drug interventionist says that their services are guaranteed?

The drug interventionist will refund the cost of the drug intervention if your loved one does not go into addiction treatment.


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