Points to Ponder about Interior and Exterior Painting

Points to Ponder about Interior and Exterior Painting

Interior Painting

There is so much to know about paints, and so many new products come out constantly. What you want is an artist at your door, a master that can beautify your environment, help you choose the right colors. Colors have been a tool for healing for millennia. Color has been used to set moods, to soothe, or raise the appetite.

In the human aura, red is associated with anger, in Feng-Shui, it draws in Chi, conventionally it’s known to increase your appetite and can be added to the dining-room. There are all kinds of variables to colors, and knowing them is essential for maximizing the effect you intend to produce at your home or business and color is just the tip of the iceberg. Sheen, too, plays a tremendous role in how the final product will appear. The wrong sheen can exacerbate discrepancies in the texture, or it can clean-up wrong, or touch up worse.

You have to understand all the nuances of paint to make an informed decision on what will give just the desired effect for your home. You can also set the intention with the addition of essential oils to the paint.  A true artist knows not just how to get the paint to the wall as the paint is the final stage of beautifying and transforming the home.

When the last touch is put on the wall of a home, it is always the paint that matters, the touch that makes or breaks all prior efforts to achieve excellence; those three little microns between the wall and the surface can make or break the look, feel, and value of your home, and it is not to be taken lightly.

Exterior Painting

When choosing someone to paint your home, remember that house painting is an art. More often than not, it is where thorough prep and exhaustive knowledge about product choices can make or break the longevity of a job. They may all look pretty good when first finished, but it is ten, twenty, thirty years later where a superb job stands out from a standard one.

Most paints don’t have the ability to swell and shrink with wood as it absorbs moisture and releases, nor stretch through cracks in the stucco as it shrinks, or settles. They can’t resist the sun on the south side of the house as it bakes it mercilessly day in and day out, week, month, year after year.

Some paints don’t have the mildewcides it takes to keep from being penetrated by mold when there is moisture, or their sheen is wrong and the weather gets through, others are too brittle to stand the sun’s punishment. You need just the right formula to address all these issues, and then the surface has to be prepared just so that the top coat stays on it and is undefeated by mold, moisture, efflorescence. Exterior house painting is not the place to try and save money with unprofessional help.


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